Episode 235 – Harassment Addiction

Description of Show

This week we discuss what’s in the news and answer a couple letters from our listeners. In the spirit of #MeToo, we condemn the assholes the assault others for their own pleasure and power.

 Show Notes

  • What Now?
    • Don’t fuck 14 year olds! Don’t touch people without consent!
  • In the News
  • A listener asks if it’s acceptable in the community to be a Sir if one hasn’t served already as an “apprentice” to another Sir.
  • Listener ToyTorture sends us a note and mentions “kink fatigue,” but does not send a dick pic.

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Mr. S Leather Co.

This episode sponsored by: Mr. S Leather. For this episode we feature the Jobmaster 12″ boots.


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Episode 234 – Match Game Again

It is that time of year again. In celebration of DFT’s birthday we have a party in the studio with a bunch of friends and play Match Game. This year we had a bit of a theme! Sisters!

First, our special guest contestant was my own real life Sister, Beth! She was up for a visit and got to experience a house full of friends and frolic! Well, not so much frolic, because that would be weird. She was one of the contestants for the game, squaring off with my best friend from college, Antonio! At one time he was kind of like a sister to me too, but that is for another time

And our panel this year was Sisters as well. Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. the Abbey of St Joan. We put together a panel, including DFT aka Gladys Pantzaroff, plus five more sisters.

Not a lot to this episode other than some good clean fun!

*Warning* controlling levels during a party is difficult, especially when some people where loud near the mics. We recommend that you listen with someone other than earbuds.


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Ungagged Episode 27 – That Sweet OC

Description of Show This episode talks about how to create original online content. Show Notes In the News – Craigslist Missed Connections! You only need to grab a hammer to be Thor Seven foot tall unicorn really misses his honey in the black tutu A skinny skeleton gets some smooth talk Aquaman resists his new-look image […]

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Episode 233 – Yum my Yuk

Description of Show Today on the podcast…yums…and yuks…and the men who love them.  Show Notes What Now?  Puerto Rico disaster relief: Remote Area Medical One America Appeal for Hurricane Relief Northern California Wildfires: California Fire Foundation In the News Ruined by Internet Porn? Let’s hope for the best…and put some variety in your orgasms. What […]

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Episode 232 – United Nations of Kinkdom

Description of Show For this episode, we have a discussion with a group live from the UK on Skype during Manchester Leather Weekend! Show Notes How are the kink scenes different between the US and the UK? Are there differences in the ways drug use is looked at and the drugs that are used? Is Europe […]

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Episode 231 – Absolutely

Description of Show We all hear those rules that are tossed out there regularly. The rules that say you must absolutely never this or you must always do that. But is that really in line with having kink lifestyle, where you are exploring the boundaries of sex on a regular basis? And does it help? […]

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Ungagged Episode 26: All Glory to Hypnotoad

Description of Show This episode of Ungagged is all about hypnosis. We discuss in detail the stages of hypnosis, things to keep in mind before considering it, and resources to help you get started. Show Notes In the News Doctors removed a drinking glass trapped inside the anal cavity of a man for over two […]

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Episode 230 – Dental Damn

Description of Show Let’s talk about news, news, and more news…including travel news from Daddy Tony.  Show Notes In the News Ted Cruz may actually like porn…at least according to his Twitter account. World ends in a few days according to Christian numerologists and Sparky is horrified that it clashes with his travel plans. Let’s revise […]

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Episode 229 – Clique Schisms, Part 2

Description of Show In the heat of the end of summer, we are here to update you on the craziness of the last week.  Show Notes In the News Man lands modeling career thanks to his genetically rare different colored eyes seen on his mugshot posted on Twitter. Kathy Griffin is no longer sorry about […]

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Episode 228 – Clique Schisms, Part 1

Description of Show In the heat of the end of summer, we are here to update you on the craziness of the last week.  Show Notes What Now?  Our love goes out to Houston in their time of need. Please donate to a worthy local charity! We recommend the Hurricane Harvey LGBTQ Disaster Relief Fund from […]

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