Episode 187 – It’s Whatever The Fuck You Want

In The Audience!

Russ and Will

Show Notes

Listener Letter! Newbie in Chicago!

In the News

Topic – Platitudes and Kink

  • Prime directive – non-interference policy.
  • Separating online fantasy from reality.
  • Revisiting collar etiquette.
  • Emotions!  Structure in a very unstructured world.
  • Ebbs and flows – the community is not “dying”
  • HBO presents fucking Donald Trump with a barb-wire strap-on.


Mr. S Leather Co.

This episode is sponsored by Mr. S Leather in San Francisco:

For this episode, we feature:

Adjustable Steel Spreader Bar

mr s spreader

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Episode 186 – Bootblack Dream Team

We talk to Erick and Meghan today about their leather journeys. We answer what bootblacking is all about. Talk about the energy exchange of bootblacking. Its our first show back from the recording break people… please bear with us…

Show Notes


  • We’re back!!
  • Sparky got laid in Orlando and doesn’t want to talk about it
  • Michigan’s sexual education event Sinergymi
  • Our guests personal bootblack journeys
  • Alaska Center for Alternative Lifestyles
  • Bootblacks status in the leather contest circuit
  • Things degrade quickly

About Our Guests

Erick Joseph, International Mr. Bootblack 2016

Erick Joseph is proud to have served the community as the first ever Alaska State Bootblack and now currently as International Mr. Bootblack 2016! His passion for bootblacking stems from his discovery of all things leather at the Alaska Center for Alternative Lifestyles located in downtown Anchorage, Alaska. For Erick, bootblacking is a fulfilling form of service to his community, as well as a way of helping others preserve the positive energy of their leathers. Most importantly, he enjoys the sexiness and connection that a good boot scene can encompass.

Erick’s goal throughout his title year as Alaska State Bootblack had been to cultivate the bootblack community in his home state by planting seeds of education while blacking at events from dungeon parties to steam punk conventions. In addition, he has bootblacked at every Imperial Court of All Alaska event he was invited to! As IMBB his goal is to bring a positive and FUN face to International Mr. Bootblack while having hot scenes in and out of the stands!

Erick enjoys traveling, meeting others, and creating bonds with community members for future endeavors. He describes himself as a dedicated, hardworking, loyal, and FUN Bootblack with a special interest in service and blacking from the lap.

He invites EVERYONE to come have a FUN year with him and Tigger as they spread the word of IMBB and IML across the world

Meghan Bootblack, International Ms. Bootblack 2016

Meghan is proud to represent her community as International Ms Bootblack 2016.

Since 2012 she’s been active in her local Kink and Leather communities, blacking regularly at The Barracks, ReMix and fundraisers throughout her region. At home, Meghan runs a Boot Lab for new and existing bootblacks in the area. She also serves as Treasurer for Mr. Friendly: Team Louisville, and is a full member of Titans of the Midwest.

Meghan seeks to create an experience in her chair that not only honors and worships your Leather, but also your journey. Bootblacking gives her the space to define her ideas of sexual expression and spirituality in ways that resonate deeply.


Mr. S Leather Co.

This episode sponsored by: Mr. S Leather. For this episode we feature the Electro Cock Cage 2.0.

Electro Cock Cage

Electro Cock Cage

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Ungagged Episode 14 – The Third Hole

Ever heard the term Sounding and not know what it was? Now is the time to find out! The puppies are going to talk about Pee Hole Stuffing. What are the risks and how do you do it safely, and how to do you have a fun time with it. So crab a pipe cleaner, […]

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Episode 185 – YesSafeWord

It’s opposite day!  Today the NoSafeWord crew discusses all things safeword related, from how we came up with the name of the show, what our favorites are, when to use them, and why they are important! Show Notes In the News UK Puppy Play Documentary Bald Men More Masculine? First Penis Transplant in US Newquay […]

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Ungagged Episode 13 – Flipbook Families

Show Notes Topics General Kink Trivia Game Damien versus Drew Managing Poly Relationships Why would you want to go poly Creating new experiences What are the challenges of a poly relationship Communication Roles & Labels Moods Monogomy and jealousy Adding new people to the Polycule Removing people from the Polycule Sponsor Mr. S Leather Co. This […]

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Episode 184 – Listening to the Listeners

Daddy Tony and Sparky open up the mailbag this week to talk about your listener letters!  After busting a load to the dick pics sent in by our awesome listeners, Sparky and Daddy get around to answering your questions about everything from rubber gear, loud sex, and some awesome throwbacks to some earlier episodes! Show […]

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Episode 183 – Piss Play

The indomitable Pup Nitro joins us in the shower this week for an episode answering your questions on piss play. Get wet with us on this episode and prepare to guzzle down some knowledge! Show Notes Topics Legacy of Daddy Alan – Episode 163 Bare Necessities Fund – By Leather Heart Foundation Leather Leadership Conference […]

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Episode 182 – Pride Match Game

One of the ways in which we carry our message, which is all about making sure the fun is in our kink, is to stop for a moment and do something out-of-the-box. Well today, we forego the normal kink topics and do a show featuring a game of matching (cause I guess we shouldn’t call […]

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Ungagged Episode 12 – Old Guard vs. New – Our Journeys

The puppies today have decided to talk about their personal perspectives about the different between Old Guard and New Guard. Now I know, another Old Guard versus New Guard, that has been done! But not like this, because they really focus on their own journey and how they have to come to find their place […]

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Episode 181 – We stand with Orlando

We here at the NoSafeWord Podcast decided that we would deviate from our normal format for the show in light of the horrific tragedy that happened in Orlando last night. The entire LGBT community today was the victim of terror, and the Orlando community itself is dealing with the terrible aftermath of this unconscionable act. […]

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