Episode 103 – Cray Cray

There’s a lot that goes on each evening when we record a show. Stuff that y’all never hear. Our trusty engineer has gotten into the habit of recording our preparation for the show and sometimes what happens after the end of the show, too, so there’s a lot of great nuggets that get caught on tape.

Two weeks ago, we had Tyesha on the show. And there are a ton of nuggets caught on tape. We decided to edit them together (and take out some inappropriate parts) and let y’all in on some of the craziness of the production of an episode of the NoSafeWord show.


Slyy here. Shhhhh! Don’t tell anyone. That’s why I’m whispering. But I just want to state two things for the record. First, it’s never my fault. Second, the divas who think they run the show can be really condescending sometimes. Okay, that’s all.

Quotable Quotes

“Look! It’s a poodle.”

“Will this turn me on? Yup! Well, that’s embarrassing.”

About Our Guest

Tyesha is a lover of grapefruit, chicken wings, and bad sex. She is a hilarious Pig in Pearls. Nothing more needs saying. Check out Episode 101 for Tyesha’s full bio.


Mr. S Leather Co.

This episode sponsored by: Mr. S Leather. For this episode we feature The Spyder Gag. It’s a Mr. S Exclusive! If you didn’t pick one up two weeks ago, you have another chance!

HT089 12A 300x210 Episode 103   Cray Cray

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Episode 102 – Gear Eye for the Queer Guy

It’s no secret that many of the NoSafeWord crew are into gear. We get a lot of questions about gear. So for this episode, we talk all about gear.

Show Notes

Quotable Quotes

“I don’t like hotel pillows.”

Discussion Topics

  • Sports uniforms
  • Traveling with gear
  • Dealing with TSA
  • Budgeting
  • Letting gear go – gifting, selling, or donating


Mr. S Leather Co.

This episode sponsored by: Mr. S Leather. For this episode we feature the Leather Lined Bag Hood.

ht007l 3 300x199 Episode 102   Gear Eye for the Queer Guy

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Episode 101 – That’s So Tyesha

Tyesha returns in this episode. We had a blast with her the last time, and the ride was pretty wild this time around, too. You do not want to miss this one. Tyesha would like to take a moment for this public service announcement: Wash your hands and brush your teeth. That is all. Thank […]

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Episode 100 – Ode to the Penis

Just, fucking, suck it! I want to be fucked, not tickled. It’s kinda veiny and shafty, and at the end of it is a puppy. I would imagine it’s like fuckin’ a lasagna. Stupid as rocks, but great in bed. Is there anything ever too big? Yeah. What did you do with it? Sucked it. […]

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Episode 99 – Sir Yes Sir

Being a gay kinky pup in the military can be a bit of a balancing act.  Thankfully, it is much less of an issue today than it has been in years past.  In this episode, we talk with three of our fellow kinksters who are or have served in the military: Pup Jimmy, who is […]

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Episode 98 – Live at SEBB

We were invited by the producers of the Southeast Black and Blue event in Atlanta to come down for a fun live show. Both Daddy Tony and Sparky were asked to do some classes; Daddy Tony did a demo class on flogging and another on building a toy bag on a budget, while Sparky lead […]

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Episode 97 – Public Pot Sex

Hi folks. Our engineer is feeling unappreciated. He recently asked if anyone actually reads these blog posts when we post a new episode. I tried to tell him that everything was okay, that yes, in fact, our loyal listeners do appreciate all of the effort he puts into writing up the show notes. I even […]

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Episode 96 – Campy Puppies

The puppies are invading! Quick, grab ‘em by the collar! For this episode, we have a bunch of puppies (and one kitty) telling us about a bunch of upcoming events. There is a contest coming up in about two weeks for 2015 Northwest Puppy and Handler. We touch on some of the recent passings in […]

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Episode 95 – International Puppy

Last weekend we heard of the wonderful news that a great pup and dear friend of the show, Pup Figaro, was named International Puppy 2015 at the International Puppy Contest. What a wonderful representative of our community and of the pup universe! We immediately contacted him to see if he would be willing to come talk […]

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Episode 94 – The Last Half Mile

Kinkidiver is a close friend to several of the NoSafeWord crew. We invited him to talk with us about his history in the Seattle leather community and to talk about his experiences with his partner and boy. We had a blast on this show! Musical interlude provided by Bensound. Show Notes In the News Maybe […]

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