Leatherati Woof Series

Have you been paying attention to the Woof Series that has been on Leatherati.com? If not, you should.

Dear friend of the show and past guest, Tyesha, has been collecting a lot of great info from pups and handlers from all over. There is a lot of great info here for anyone into pup play, be sure to check them out! Hopefully you even like the one I did about headspace.



Series Intro, by Tyesha Best



Pup Headspace, by Sparky






A Rose By Any Other Name, by Ryan Carpenter



She-Wolf, by Girl Amelia Horo



International Puppy



Being A Handler, by Sir Loki







pup Spotlight-Cosmo Jetson, by Cosmo Jetson



Oh Canada! Welcome VAN-PAH!, by Pup Figaro



Titleholder Profile-Pup Figaro, by Pup Figaro



On Being An Anxious Pup, by Piper



The Golden State! Welcome the San Francisco K-9 Unit!, by Richard Sprott



How I Learned To Walk on All Fours, by Pup Zombie



Welcome the Mid-Atlantic Kennel Korps!, by pup Tripp



Houston! Welcome Houston Pups & Handlers, by Pup Spot



Welcome Bayou City Pups!, by Pup Tank



Midwest Puppy Contest, by Papa Woof Roth



Meet Me in St Louis with Saint Louis Puppy Patrol!, by Papa Woof Roth



pup & Handler Spotlight-Papa Woof & pup Boo, by Christopher “Papa Woof” Roth & Tron “Puppy Boo” Carner



pup Spotlight- pup Mischief, by Pup Mischief



Welcome to Oregon! PDX-PAH!, by Sir Pup Erin Matteo Achilles


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Episode 107 – Woodwind Queefs

This episode is a stroll through the meadow. The meadow is pot plants. And the air was full of the aroma of pot. A lot of pot. And then we recorded a show. In the middle of the meadow. With the lovely warm sun. The butterflies flittering by on a gentle breeze. And the aroma of pot. Everywhere.

Which would explain the . . . um . . . sanity (yeah, we’ll go with that) that you’re about to listen to.

Show Notes

Discussion Topics

We had some listener letters.

Here’s some news stories:

Tonight’s kink discussion: Tickle torture.

About Our Guest

What guest? Oh god, I wish there was a guest tonight. Why couldn’t there have been a guest?


Mr. S Leather Co.

This episode sponsored by: Mr. S Leather. For this episode we feature the Iron Maiden Cock Ring and the Iron Maiden Ball Stretcher. Awesome pieces that are now made of stainless steel.

CB112 3 210x300 Episode 107   Woodwind Queefs CB114 12 210x300 Episode 107   Woodwind Queefs CB112 24 300x210 Episode 107   Woodwind Queefs

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Episode 106 – Tit Faced

We always have a fabulous (and hilarious) time when Mama Tits joins us. In this episode, we discuss play party etiquette (and how NOT to do it), encouraging kink with a nonkinky boyfriend, and all of the recent issues with big social media. And Mama does not let anything get past her. She will call […]

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Episode 105 – Tank

Only three words this time:  WHAT. THE. FUCK? Now that’s out of the way. For this episode, we have the insane hotness known as Tank. I mean, look at the pic! And that smile is boner-inducing. The current American Leatherboy tells us about the work he is doing with youth in New Jersey, the upcoming […]

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Episode 104 – Mr. Friendly

Few topics create as much emotion among gay men than discussing HIV. We have been living with this disease for over 30 years. There are a lot of attitudes surrounding the virus itself, men who have HIV, men who don’t have HIV, how we talk about sex, and how we approach ourselves and others with […]

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Episode 103 – Cray Cray

There’s a lot that goes on each evening when we record a show. Stuff that y’all never hear. Our trusty engineer has gotten into the habit of recording our preparation for the show and sometimes what happens after the end of the show, too, so there’s a lot of great nuggets that get caught on […]

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Episode 102 – Gear Eye for the Queer Guy

It’s no secret that many of the NoSafeWord crew are into gear. We get a lot of questions about gear. So for this episode, we talk all about gear. Show Notes Quotable Quotes “I don’t like hotel pillows.” Discussion Topics Sports uniforms Traveling with gear Dealing with TSA Budgeting Letting gear go – gifting, selling, […]

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Episode 101 – That’s So Tyesha

Tyesha returns in this episode. We had a blast with her the last time, and the ride was pretty wild this time around, too. You do not want to miss this one. Tyesha would like to take a moment for this public service announcement: Wash your hands and brush your teeth. That is all. Thank […]

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Episode 100 – Ode to the Penis

Just, fucking, suck it! I want to be fucked, not tickled. It’s kinda veiny and shafty, and at the end of it is a puppy. I would imagine it’s like fuckin’ a lasagna. Stupid as rocks, but great in bed. Is there anything ever too big? Yeah. What did you do with it? Sucked it. […]

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Episode 99 – Sir Yes Sir

Being a gay kinky pup in the military can be a bit of a balancing act.  Thankfully, it is much less of an issue today than it has been in years past.  In this episode, we talk with three of our fellow kinksters who are or have served in the military: Pup Jimmy, who is […]

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