18 July 2017 | 11:20 am

The Binural Beats, along with the pot and poppers were making me extremely relaxed and horny, and keeping me feeling drugged up. I could feel myself being very slowly strapped to the table, with my cock being tormented in the process.

With all of the straps finally in place, I really now felt like the bondage subject in the asylum. I was squirming in the straps, pulling my arms in the straight jacket, and knowing I was going no where. My head was off in another world I was feeling like the horny bondage subject in the asylum. The Binural Beats, along with the pot and poppers were turning this into a dreamy reality. I was the Boy who would be subjected to cock play and torment tests to see how long I could hold out.

I was so relaxed, and drifting in and out of a light sleep. I was consistently squirming against my bonds, while my cock was being teased, both by hand, as well as with the vibrators. My feet felt so nice and sweaty in my Sanuks, and it was like every time I could see a vision of the Sanuks, my cock got even harder, and I would pull against the straight jacket and the straps extremely hard, but  I was going nowhere. I was beginning to wonder as how long as test asylum subject could I hold out before I would shoot. I was find this a combination of extremely relaxing, but also frustrating, because in one respect, I wanted to cum, but I was really enjoying this inescapable bondage role play scene to much, as I was being teased, tested, frustrated and relaxed, and feeling sedated, all at the same time.

Come back next week to see the finale.

11 July 2017 | 11:36 pm

My friends and I have always played tie up games, but I was looking for more bondage fun, and ready to kick it to the next level, looking for more intensity. I was cruising through some local bondage ads when I ran across this.

"WANTED, MALE TO BE A BONDAGE SUBJECT, I am in my late 30's, 6'2", 185 pounds, looking for a subject who wants to be put into intense bondage for a role play scene. Be willing to do 420 and poppers. Provide stats and photo in your reply e mail.

I responded to the ad with a photo, and within an hour got a response. He said his name was John. After we got to talking on line, we then talked on the phone. He asked about a scene I might be interested in, and I told him bondage, and having my cock teased. John asked me if there was a particular role play scene I would like, and I told him I always had a fantasy of being the boy in an asylum scene where I would get strapped to a table to see how long I could hold out. He asked me if I had any shoes like Sanuk Vagabond Sidewalk Surf Shoes or Vans Slip on Sneakers. I told him I had both. When we set up the session, John told me to wear a pair of slip on shoes.

As I took a shower and got dressed, I put on the Levis 511 Jeans going commando, my gray Sanuk Vagabond kicks with a tee shirt and a light hooded sweatshirt. I got in the car and drove to John's house, which was out in the country. The house sat about a half a mile off the road.

When I arrived, I followed John's instructions. This was to walk into the garage, put the door down, put on the blindfold and sit in a chair. I followed his instructions.

I waited for a little while, when John walked out into the garage, looked me over. John then said, I like the Sanuks, as patients in an asylum scene should not have shoes with laces. When I heard this, my cock got rock hard.

John stood me up and had me hold my arms out in front of me. I could feel I was being placed into a heavy canvas straight jacket. The straps on the back were secured, then the arms were placed through the front and side D Rings, and the arms were secured. John then took my belt, and sat me back into the chair. He broke out a joint, and we proceeded to get stoned. My asylum scene was looking like it was going to be fun as I was now getting stoned, relaxed, and feeling drugged up. Once we were done with the joint, John put some sort of wrap around my blindfold and duct taped it into place. A leather hood was added, and then the hood from the sweatshirt was pulled up over my head and tied  into place. I was stood up, taken into the house, and marched down a long hallway, then upstairs, where I was sat on the edge of a table. I was then laid back on the table, and put into position. Headphones were then put on my head blocking out the sound other than the Binural Beats that were playing through the headphones. Now the sight and sound were gone, but I was not yet gagged.

I was being fed poppers with different aromas, and having my cock played with through my Levis, with the vibrators. This went on for a little while until my ankles would be secured.

With the ankles now secure, I felt like I was in a room in an asylum. Come back next week to see more

3 July 2017 | 11:56 pm

As they say, whatever you do, planning is the key to success, and a bondage scene is no exception. Whether or not I am the one getting tied or doing the tying, I always lay out everything nice, neat and orderly. This is done so whether or not I am the one getting tied up, or I am the one doing the tying, everything necessary is nice, neat and ready to go and keeps the scene flowing. I figured I would do a post on how I get ready for a scene, and use the same scenario, whether I will be the one tied up, or I have someone coming over to get tied up.

 Here is how I got ready for the bondage scene.

First is the clothing selection. For the latest scene I got tied up, I chose the Levis 513 Jeans, a light hoodie and the Converse Stars and Bars High Top Sneakers. With this picked out, now I can get dressed.

Next is the canvas Posey Hospital Straight Jacket. This is definitely my favorite bondage accessory. Note the gloves. I always put on gloves before the straight jacket goes on, as it helps lend to the tightness while I am in the straight jacket.

Next comes the ace bandage wrap for the eyes. Always have duct tape handy to help secure the ace bandage to the head. This helps block out light, and adds to the sensory deprivation. The duct tape also comes in handy for use as a duct tape gag.

Making sure there is a fresh bottle of poppers, either just opened, but no more than four or five days old enhances the scene as a fresh bottle of poppers has more punch. Nothing can be more of a scene killer than either old poppers, or even worse spilled poppers.
Having the kindle set up to go with the binaural beats already picked out are ready to go, so all that needs to happen here is once the hood is secured, the headphones are placed on the head, already playing the binaural beats.

Ankle straps with extra rope to secure those ankles.

Straps to secure the entire body to the table. There are a total of six straps, but the two straps to the right are very long, so each of these can be wrapped around the table twice, hence the reason there are a total of eight straps used to secure the body to the massage table. Once in place, I am squirming, or the guy I tied up is squirming.

The light and heavy duty vibrators for pleasure and torment. I always make sure there is an extension cord. A word of caution here. Never use the heavy duty vibrator on a cock that is not covered by jeans, a towel, etc., but the heavy duty vibrator used through the jeans lends intensity of cock play to the scene, and will definitely drive you nuts, and keep you squirming. (It does me)

The blanket with more rope. This is generally used later on in the scene to add an extra layer. The rope is not only used to keep the blanket in place, but also serves as more restraint. The heavy duty vibrator here, along with the restraint will keep you (or me) squirming, moaning and begging for more.

I have found that having everything laid out in an orderly manner makes for a much more pleasurable bondage scene. Whether I am getting tied up, or doing the tying having everything neat and orderly keeps the scene flowing, without having to fumble around looking for something. Disorganization is a scene killer.
Also, I like to make sure I am playing in a room where the temperature is comfortable, in my case between 70 and 73 degrees F, not to cold, not to hot.

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