22 May 2017 | 11:45 pm

It was time to be tied up wearing the Black Monocrome Converse High Tops. The rest of the outfit consisted of a pair of Levis, (going Commando of course), a light Hoodie, and black socks, John put me into the straight jacket and we got stoned. Once that was done, we did our usual route, where I got hooded, and the hood from the hoodie placed over the hood and tied tight. I was laid back on the table, where the headphones were placed over my ears playing Binural Beats. Fed a hit of poppers, I began to drift off into my own bondage world, where my ankles got secured, then my entire body got secured to the table, where I would be teased, tormented and edged with the vibrators. During the play, I moan and squirm, but find myself enjoying my bondage predicament.

The blanket goes into place with more rope added. This is always the favorite part of the scene, especially when the vibrators are used. Between the straight jacket, ankles secured, eight body straps, and more rope there is definitely no escape.

Being under the blanket usually lasts thirty to forty five minutes. Once the blanket comes off, my cock gets taken out. It's Johns mouth, but between the pot and poppers, I felt like and envisioned I was hooked up to a Venus Milking Machine, squirming in those straps, and strait jacket. John and I have played so much that he is excellent of keeping me on the edge. By the time we were done with this scene, I had shot four times. John said this was the most hard he has ever seen me.

Of course, I had to get some close up of the kicks. These pics came out pretty good.

And Yes, I did shoot after about two hours. I was milked, where I shot again.

16 May 2017 | 12:04 am

I own a total of five pairs of Converse Chuck Taylors. and I had already been tied to the Massage Table in the Straight Jacket wearing the White Converse High Tops, the Black Converse High Tops, the Aqua Converse Extra High Top Sneakers folded down showing the yellow, and the Black Extra High Top Sneakers opened up all of the way with the Jeans tucked in. There are stories and pictures on this blog, as well as on my Bondage in Converse Tumbler Blog.

I knew it was time to get tied up in the Blue Converse High Tops. I have had these kicks since 2008, and they have been through the washing machine a few times, so they were nice and soft. For this set, I went with the Levis 513 Jeans, a white tee shirt with a red sweater vest underneath, the Blue High Top Converse, and no socks.

John arrived, set up the table, and we got stoned. I was then trussed up in the Straight Jacket. The ace bandage went over my eyes, and the leather hood went into place. I was laid back on the table, and the headphones were put into place playing Cosmic Connection, 432 Hz of Consciousness Expansion. I was fed my first blast of Poppers, and I already started to squirm.

With my ankles not even secured yet, I started to squirm and my cock was starting to get hard.

John then took each ankle and secured them to the table, taking his time. First was the right ankle, then the left. After he was done, he watched me squirm while he teased me.

The Cosmetic Connection was very powerful, and very relaxing. Between the Pot and Poppers I was drifting in and out of sleep, while my body was being strapped to the table. A few straps at a time would go on, I would be played with, a few more straps would go on, be played with some more. This would continue until all eight straps were secured.

The pot had now really kicked in, and being fed poppers, my mind drifted back to a picture I had seen on the net of this nice looking boy wearing denim overalls with Blue High Top Converse in the library studying Nano Electronics. All of a sudden, I saw myself as that Boy strapped to the table.

I would be slowly strapped to the table. With each strap put into place and firmly tightened, I was getting more aroused. This would continue until all eight straps were in place.

The Cosmic Connection was very powerful. I was drifting in and out of sleep, having my cock massaged, by hand, with the light duty vibrator, the heavy duty vibrator. Time had slowed to a crawl. I was seeing purple, then bright light, then black. I had no idea how long this torment went on, but at one point, and for a fair amount of time, I saw myself in a bright room strapped to the table in an  Iron Lung for a cock endurance exam. The exams were being given by hand and, as well as a light duty vibrator, then a heavy duty vibrator. I saw the purple, then red, then black, where I drifted off into a light sleep. The vibrator use continued for what felt like an eternity. During two moments, when the cock teasing and endurance stopped, I felt an ice cold rod going up my piss hole, as if sounds were being used.

Continuing to feel like an eternity, I was drifting on and off into a Conscious Sleep. The Cosmic Connection had totally taken over my mind. This was quite pleasurable and I was squirming against the straps and pulling at the straight jacket, in hopes of escape, so I could go Jerk Off, but I was going nowhere.  After a Popper hit, I then drifted off to sleep.

I had no idea how long I had been out for, but when I awoke, I felt duct tape on my mouth, and my body more secure to the table. I was seeing myself as that College Boy being teased and tormented with both the vibrators, on and off, being brought close, stopping, and starting again. I was so aroused and feeling really warm. Feeling even more secured to the table, the torment had become even more fun and pleasurable. I felt like the College Boy Nano Experiment, seeing how long I could hold out. I was given another Popper hit, which felt like general anesthesia, and I drifted off to sleep. When I awoke, I could feel something wet down around my cock area.

I could feel some of the rope or straps being undone, as I was still quite secured, but going nowhere. Both vibrators were being used, and I was being kept on the edge. This was continuing to feel like an eternity, and was enjoying every minute of it. After a little while, I shot again. Again, I drifted off into a light sleep.

I then felt a Venus Milking machine on my cock, continuing to tease and torment. It was slow, then medium, then fast, then slow, medium, then fast. This was quite pleasurable and went on for awhile. I I finally exploded again. It was time to get untied. 

I was starting to come down from the Pot and Poppers. The Cosmic Connection, along with the Pot and Poppers was strong. My mind transported me to many pleasurable places. For a good amount of the time I saw myself as that College Boy being tied up and used for cock endurance experiments. I saw myself in an Iron Lung. I myself strapped to the table flying though outer space. I felt the ice cold sounds and the Venus Milking machine, but there were actually no sounds, and the Venus Milking Machine I felt was actually John's hand teasing my cock.

For me, being off in another world during these scenes is totally relaxing and enjoyable. It let me forget everything for an hour and a half. I had shot a total of three times, once under the blanket, once in the Levis after the blanket was taken off, and I shot huge after being Jerked Off by John.

I was glad I did manage to hold out for an hour and a half, as when I had done this scene, I had not gotten off in over a week. Again, that night, I slept real well.

(Note: I wish John had gotten a few more full body pictures before the blanket was put into place, but you get the idea).

9 May 2017 | 11:22 am

I don't know what happened, but I had fallen asleep. I was now having this dream, with Brent now standing over me, and there I was with with eight straps were holding me in place. In the dream, Brent had draped a blanket over my body, with more rope added. I was totally secure, and off in a nice dreamy bondage world feeling like Brent's Captured Moccasin Mug.

I was fed more inhalants, and my dream continued. I now saw myself in an Iron Lung. I could see Brent in his Levis, Minnetonka Knee High Boots, wearing a tee shirt and a lab coat. He then put his hands into two gloves and reached inside of the Iron Lung, where he inserted a steel rod. Electrodes were placed on the rod, and I felt my cock very pleasurable electricity being delivered to the inside of my cock.

I then saw those Brent and those gloved hands grab a heavy duty vibrator, and begin to use it on my cock. I had all of the feeling and sight of me in the Iron Lung, with a pleasant chemical being sent to my lungs on every breath, keeping me sleepy, dreamy and horny. The heavy duty vibrator was used for a total of six times for about five to ten minute each, but it felt like an eternity, which was awesome.

Suddenly everything went black, then turned purple. At this point the blanket and ropes, were removed, but the straps were still in placed. Continuing to be fed poppers, it felt like chloroform, where I would be put into a nice light sleep, and a Venus Milking Machine on my cock.

The Venus was being relentless, keeping my on the edge, where I was squirming. One part of me wanted to shoot, and the other part of me wanted to the scene to continue. I then felt one nostril pinches off, and I was inhaling a chemical. This then happened to the other nostril, where I fell into a dreamy state, with my cock focused on the Milking Machine, my body strapped down, and my feet and toes curling inside those soft sole moccasins, loving being the Captured Mug Play Thing.

After a while, I could feel something pleasurable at my cock, and it being played with until I could not stand it any more. Suddenly the play stopped, and Brent left the room. He came back a little while later, fed me some Poppers, then proceeded to stroke my cock again. I shot, and was again milked until I was spent.

I was finally released, and had spent almost three hours tied up, high, secure and in a nice dreamy state. The pot, poppers and binaural beats, along the hood was keeping my brain focused on certain parts of the scene. As the bondage and the scene progressed, I definitely felt like the Captured Mug in Moccasins and Brent's plaything.

Both Brent and I had an awesome scene, as the scene played out the way we both hoped it would.

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