19 April 2017 | 1:36 am

I had a pair of the Minnetonka Moccasin Boots with the hard soles years ago, but gave them away. I had been tied up in those boots a few times, but ever since tied someone to a stretcher in medical restraints wearing these boots, the wheels started to turn and I started thinking about me being tied up in a pair of boots just like this.

On E Bay, I found these Minnetonka Boots in soft soles, and when they arrived Saturday, a friend came over and helped me do a few pics wearing them. I can’t wait to get trussed up in the Straight Jacket then strapped to the massage table wearing them. These boots are nice and soft. Of course, if you want to see the Punk In Moccasins that Tall Glass of OJ Captured, (literally), click on the link below.


15 April 2017 | 11:35 am


Back in 2004, Nike Dave, another sneaker and Bondage Fiend came from New Jersey for a weekend of bondage where we took turns tying each other up in various positions, outfits and sneakers.
For this set, Dave gets tied to the chair wearing Jeans, a Sweatshirt and a brand new pair of Optic White Converse High Top Sneakers.
As you can see, I started with Canvas Posey Fist Mitts for the hands, and lots of rope around the ankles and upper body.

It was time to add a scarf blindfold. There are quite effective as they block out all of the light.

Before the ball gag went in Dave said that this was feeling like a kidnapping, so I added the ball gag.

Once the photos were done, I turned off the light in the garage and went in the house. When I returned an hour later and took the gag out, Dave said he felt like he was actually a Kidnapped Boy.

12 April 2017 | 11:02 am

I always love it when it comes to this part of the scene. The blanket is placed over my body and more rope is used. With the straps underneath, I am truly enjoying my bondage prison. The pot has fully kicked in and the poppers are adding to the intensity. It is at this point, John breaks out the heavy duty vibrator to see how much I can take. He uses the heavy duty vibrator a total of six times, each with each time knowing when the stop. Most of the time I have to moan for him to stop, but for some reason this time, each time, I went the distance with him getting me close, but knowing when to stop using the vibrator, giving me a break and starting again.

John decided I needed a rest, and took a break, but left the light duty vibrator on my cock. I was totally relaxed, squirming, my mind in another world, totally relaxed, and enjoying my no way out bondage.

Finally, John undid the blanket, and teased my cock through the pants again for a while.

Still in the headspace and high on the pot, John fed me more poppers, as he took my cock out of my pants, and started sucking on it. Being off in another world, I was imagining that I was hooked up to a Venus Milking machine. John was being relentless again, getting me close and stopping. Finally, after a few more popper hits, I drifted off to sleep. He teased my cock, and all of a sudden I could feel I was wet. When I woke up, my cock was being milked, and I could feel myself exploding again, not once but twice. At this point, I begged John, and he finally stopped.
John took the headphones off, and said what when I had fallen asleep, I had already shot twice. When he was milking me, I shot twice again. I was still high from the pot, but at this point I was relaxed and spent.
It was 3:15 PM when I got tied up. When I finally got untied, I looked at the clock and it was 5:35 PM. This was another awesome session that helped relive my stress, and give me a good night's sleep.

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