TBT: An ‘old guard’ artifact
24 March 2017 | 12:23 am

Check out the dress code from the Mineshaft:   Does anybody remember the Mineshaft? That was before my own time, but I did know its manager, Wally Wallace — who was a fixture of NYC’s gay leather scene for decades. According to legend, Wally once denied entry to the Mineshaft to Elton John, because the … Continue reading TBT: An ‘old guard’ artifact

Dolf Dietrich endures abuse from Master Christian Wilde
23 March 2017 | 12:23 pm

Leather slave Dolf Dietrich awaits on bended knee for Master Christian Wilde, begging to feel his touch. Mr Wilde obliges with heavy punches to Dolf’s muscled torso before working up his fat cock. Begging for abuse, Dolf endures the cat-o-nine tails before he’s bound to the wall, with a gag lodged in his mouth. Drooling … Continue reading Dolf Dietrich endures abuse from Master Christian Wilde

Bondage In The Movies
23 March 2017 | 12:22 am

  The very top image is Sam J. Jones from the 1980 movie “Flash,” which was sexy as hell. The last two are Casper Van Dien in the famous whipping scene from “Starship Troopers.”

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