BDSM camp day 2, sunday
31 July 2017 | 6:16 pm

i didn't sleep so good, i have to get use to the sounds and activities at night. People get in, go out, go to the bathroom etcc.
My earplugs are uncomfortable and hutt so i had to take them out during the night. When i'm home i'll have to get better ones.

i got up, put on my adidas chile outfit and black Nike classic BW's and went for a cup of coffee.
Because phones are not allowed inside the camp i had to go outside to work on my blog. i got a chair, my phone and coffee and sat outside on the parking lot.

Sir has a morning ritual with tea. Dix makes Him a thermous with tea, ginger and fresh lemon juice. His first cup He likes in bed the rest with breakfast, outside if the weather is good.

Breakfast is also out of the metal bowl. This time with hands but never with cutlery. 

After breakfast it was shower time.
Then i went back to the parking lot to call home.

Now i was going to see the inside of the main two dungeon buildings, but blindfolded!
My first session was very very fantastic. i got a mask on with a blindfold but the ear area was cut out. Dix lead me to dungeon 1 and inside a smaller room. i heared some lite music, a bit trance like.
i got headphones on and the music was a bit louder and piercing my brain. First i was standing there and later i was put down on a rimming chair i guess.
Then there was a voice, a nice voice that was comming towards me, and got louder. It was getting into my head. It told me He heared about me, that i was a pain slave, i lived pain and that this voice would let me experience pain. Mental pain.
I hearded different sounds on the background, chains, a knife getting sharpened, it got a little to me. i wasn't scared but very intrigued. What will happen to me?
i couldn't tell where the voice is coming from. My body was getting heavy and my mind was getting in a nice flow. i almost hit subspace, already after a few minutes. This is such a great mindtrip.

i felt moister running down my body. Was it sweat? Something else? i couldn't tell.
The voice kept saying i would meet him again, that He would let me experience pain, needles!!
My Master at home doesn't allow me to get into needle play. i heard medical supplies get opened, i smelled disinfectant/alcohol. i got a little nerveus, Dix knows i'm not allowed needle play but does this Master know that as well!? Is Dix still there? Omg. i felt something pierce my skin. if i had to guess it would have been a sharp pinwheel. My mind was mellow but i needed to try sharp but that wasn't easy.
i trust Sir and Dix so i would be safe? Would i??
The sessions ended and the headphones came of. 

i got transfered, still blindfolded through the building. Some rooms i was allowed to see. Dix got the blindfold of but the eyelets are some holes so i couldn't see clearly. They rooms seem big.

They blindfolded again and got me to a room called "heaven"! It is an attic.
i got tied up spreadeagle and waited. Sir tied Dix up on a sprederchair and then started flogging and caning me.
It was very intens for me, it felt great and i got into subspace. i concertrated on my breathing and tried to be brave.
i think that session lasted over an hour. Later i found out some other people joined in on the action. Those are good friends of Sir and Dix.

After me and Dix got our torture i was untied and was ordered to crawl towards Dix and gave him a blowjob. Duting the blowjob i got some serious ass caning.
At the end Dix pissed a little in my mouth.

i was ordered to untie Dix and then they got my mask of and i could see the whole room. What a great big playroom with dozens of possibilities. Now i get why people like to go here.
We went downstairs, outside for a lunchbreak outside.

After lunch i saw a very nice but brutal asscaning! The guy who caned and fligged me before was bound on a kind of chair and got a serious torture. His ass was blue, red and the skin was almost broken. Very intriging to watch, He didn't shout at all. Very impressive.

After this Dix and me went to the workshop to get information about the repairs Sir brought with Him and the project of Dix, a flogger and my project a sneaker sniff muzzle.
Al was possible. So that will be our relax time comming week.

Now i needed to get prepaired for a second session. Nude, chastidy device and jockstrap and a mask with blindfold. Dix prepaired me and guided me into a building again.
me and Dix were wearing suspension cuffs, and our arms got hoisted up.
i could hear there were more people there, i got a bit nervous.
Again a good flogging and caning session, simultaneous on my and Dix. They got into a good rithym. 
That session was over 1,5 hours i guess. It was very intens but felt really good. i was managing the pain better then the first session but this one was very very intens.

Afterwards they took the blindfold of and i saw an other great playroom. There was a slave in a straightjacket watching everything and on the attic/balcony there were some people looking as well.

The good friends of Dix and Sir participated in this great session. It is only day two, what will happen next i wondered.

We went outside and relaxed, it started to rain a bit, that was a shame.

Again i had dinner duty, so i needed to help the kitchen and do the dishes afterwards.

Dinner was nice, pumpkin soup with ginger and skewers with chicken/lamb, oven baked potatoes, and salat.
The salads are awesome and delicious.

Dinner is a challenge on it's own. Just a metal bowl, nothing else and on the ground. 
The dinner duty is nice to do! i wouldn't mind to do this shift even every day.

My slavebrother/Alpha didn't got enough sleep and got a headache so that isn't good. He got permission to go to bed early.

i was ordered to put on my Steelheart 2 device and cum outside with my straightjacket. Dix put me into my straightjacket and went to bed. i hope he feels better tomorrow. 

The rest of the evening i sat on my wooden treebeam infront of Sir and enjoyed the fire and the conversations.
Because i couldn't serve Sir i felt a little guilty. 
Sir let me drink some Tavel wine out of his glass and played with my nipples for over an hour!
God damn i didn't cum for over a week so i was rockhard in my CB and almost came two times.
Sir liked to play with my nipples a lot but i wasn't allowed to cum, so i did my very best not too.

The evening was great! 

Being dominated
16 June 2017 | 6:22 pm

A friend of mine which i dominated myself wants to learn to dominate as well.

He saw my way of training him so he wanted to turn things around. We did some nice small sessions but now He wants me to stayover for a night.

i got permision to do so from the home front.

Boss appt me his orders. He wants me to be clean inside out, shaved, and plugged with a big plug.
i need to wear my "slave jimmy" rubber outfit with sportsgear over it.

When i got home i went upstairs and started to clean myself good. This always takes my over two hours. 
During cleaning i was realy hoping to be fucked by him this night. It has been a while and Sir has a monsterly huge thick cock.

He appt me telling me to pack a bag with toys i wanted him to use. There needed to be a mask and some ropes in the bag.

When i was ready cleaning i plugged myself with the large square peg egg plug. It will be a few hours before Sir was home and i could go there.
During my wait i packed my bag and fantasied about what will come. 
Every 1,5 hour i got the plug out to see if i was still fuckable clean or to pee (doesn't work with a plug inside).

After 4-5 hours Boss appt me He was leaving his work and i needed to be ready to come over. i allready was wearing my rubber so i got my soccerwear and put it on over the rubber suit.
i grapped my bag and went to my car.

My instructions were clear. "You wait on the parkinglot, you will recieve an app 1 minute before i arrive. Then you will go to the frontdoor and you will wait in a slavery way for me to arrive!"
When i got the app i quickly put on my collar, left the car grapped my bag and went to his frontdoor.
I kneeled down and sat on my knees facing the door with my hands behind my bag.
After 60 seconds that seemed 60 minutes i heard Him come near. My heartbeat rised and my dick was throbbing in my rubber suit.

He pulled me by my collar and opened the frontdoor and ordered me to enter his house.
He closed the door and checked my outfit. He pushed against my bottum so He could check my plug.
Boss grabbed me by my collar and pushed me toward my bag and ordered me to empty it and place everything on the bed. 
  • Blow up rubber mask
  • Anatomic rubber mask
  • Straightjacket
  • Ropes
  • Poppers
  • Gasmask with filter and hoses and eyepads
  • Sneakermuzzle
  • Blindfold
  • Ballgag with harness
  • Open spidergag
  • J-lube
  • Mittens
  • Nipple clamps
Boss got undressed and ordered me to get my soccer outfit off, shoes off but leave my socks on.
Boss got the blowup mask and put it on me and blew it up tightly. The rubber pushed against my skin. It felt very tight and good. He made me sniff my old sneakers i gave Him to fill with cum.
He played with me a bit and after 15 minutes He took the mask off me. Now He put the mittens on me and looked around what else He could use.

He talked very degrading to me and spit me in my face a few times. He grabbed the ballgag with harness and strapped it on my head, He also blindfolded me and pushed me on the bed!
He played with my ass and opened the ass zipper off my pants. He wiggled with my plug and i heard Him searching for something. He came back with towels and placed them under me. 

Now i got worried, i couldn't use poppers because of the mittens so could i handle Boss His big cock?!?!
My heart was pumping like hell and i got nervous. Would i leak, would i pass air, will there be blood?!?! 

Suddenly i felt Boss putting His fingers around the base of my plug. He gentle grabbed it and pulled it out.
i heard Boss laugh a little, He was impressed with the size of the plug and He told me "wondering if my bitch will me open enough for my throbbing cock"!

He grabbed some J-lube and put some lube on my asshole. i heard Him put on a condom and lube up His dick. Suddenly i felt Him push his thick hard cock inside me! 
It felt warm, nice, sloppy and very nice.

Boss told me that i wasn't as tight as He expected me to be. Next time you won't wear a plug bitch! My pleasure is more important than yours!
i nodded to confirm. He undid my ballgag and trew it in the gearbag.

Now the party was on! He really pounded my ass, hard, strong, fast, slow damnnnn
i was still belly down and me breathing was getting heavy, and i was making noise.
He pulled my by my collar and was really riding my ass!! Damn i felt really submissive and slutty.
Suddenly i got the fright of my live! i had a dejavu of the thing that was happening now. i dreamed this last week!!
Boss grapped my feet, pulled my sock off, and pushed it in my mouth. So now you can be more quite stupid worthless pig!

Boss was really fucking me very deep and hard, i was really biting on my sock.
The feeling of being fucked by him was incredible. A wish come true. It has been over 8 months since i was fucked for the last time.

After a while Boss stopped, pulled His massive dick out and turned me around. He wanted to see my face while He fucked me. It was so fucking sexy to see Him pounding my ass.

He face, the dominant look, the horniness, the little sweat on His forehead. i'm in slutty heaven.
He spit in my face and in my mouth. 

i think He fucked me about an hour long. It was amazing.

When He stopped He grabbed my plug and shoved it back in. 
"So i'm done fucking you pig"! He undid the condom and threw it in a wastebin. He helped my out off my rubber suit and i threw on soccershorts.

A bit later He played with my nipples. He put me on my back, head over the egde off the bed, shoved His whole large dick in my throat. Damn no air!
He went on pinching and playing with my nipples and shoving His dick in my throat.
i tried to stop Him because i almost orgasmed.

He waited for a minute and it was to late....
i had a handsfree orgasm....

Boss ordered me to put on my other soccergear, socks and shoes. He dragged me to His bathroom and ordered me to sit in the shower.
i sat on my knees and looked up. Boss His dick was hard and ready for some watersports. 
He left me there and walked out. Boss returned, threw a glass cold water over me. i was in shock, didn't see that coming. He laughed, spit on me!

He started pissing over me! He needed to piss a lot. He pissed in my mouth and offcourse i swallowed some. It was strong and tasty salty.
He pissed over my socks, shoes and outfit.
He walked away and left me there for a while. i sat there feeling all disgusted with myself.

It was very difficult to remember everything that happened. Boss made me very happy!

Hopefully more sessions will follow!!!
Boss told me He would like that! 


Forced drinking session!! A fantasy comes true!!
11 December 2016 | 12:00 pm

i made an appointment with Sir LeatherDennis to visit Him for a bdsm session.
Because we know eachother He is free in deciding what He thinks what be good for me.


i got an "kik" message saying what to bring and what to wear.
- slave jimmy rubber suit
- electro buttplug
- my own bodybag
- nice smelly sneakers
- long socks


"When you almost arrive i expect a message ftom you slave! I'll put the frontdoor a bit open. You will enter My house, go to the playroom, undress and wait for me."

i arrived and was a little nerveus. i went straight upstairs to the playroom. i dropped my bag looked around and noticed nothing really was set up! So no clue what was going to happen. There was leather bodybag on the bed and the steel bondageframe was standing there.

i turned around, got my tracksuit of and folded my clothes up. Then i turned around and got the freight of my life, the bodybag moved, there was someone in there which i didn't notice the first time.
i think it is Sir's partner but he was masked, so i didn't know for sure.
What was going to happen, i was more nervous and excited.

i sat on my knees under the bondageframe with my hands in my neck and waited.
After a short while i heard someone going up the stairs.....

Sir entered the room, stood behind me, kind of hugged me and checked my body with His leather gloves. He blindfolded me and i needed to undo my shoes. He got the bodybag out of my bag and placed it on the floor.
i sucked his leather gloved vinger and He collected something.
He put a penisgag in my mouth and said to suck on that.

He helped me getting into the bodybag. Arms in the armsleeves and zipped me up. The leather masked that is attached He zipped off.

"i hope you are comfortable" He said, it's going to be a long while!!
Shit i thought!! i didn't go to the bathroom and i needed to pee i think.

i didn't have a clue what He was doing, He was strapping something up, i heard some metal....
He unbuttoned the penis attachment and replaced it with a hollow big mouthpiece.
i felt that the mouthpiece was attached to something else, i couldn't move my head that easy anymore so i layed still. 
Then He undid the zipper of the bodybag, undid the zipper of my rubber suit and took my dick out. He placed something over my dick and glued it to it! It was an external catheter, and He zipped me up again.
Shit is this going to be what i think it is?!?!?!????


This will do He said and left the room.

When He came back he tied something above me i guess. He laughed and said something like PERFECT.


Suddenly i tasted something, it was cold, salty and it were small drips. OMG is this piss?!?!
It tasted like morning urine! 


Sir said something like hmmm the hole needs to be bigger. He did something and then the dripps were bigger and came quicker after eachother.
Damnnn i was fucking horny!!


When everything was installed and ready He undid the blindfold. i still had my eyes closed and then He told me i could look. i opened my eyes and saw a white funnel above my face with a tube attached to my hollow gag.
i was so fucking horny by now. 


Sir blindfolded me again and He told me to relax because this will take some time.
After a while i heard His partner enter the room and He told Him he had something for me.
His partner was in a chastitybelt for two days allready. 
Suddenly there was a big stream of warm fluid going through the funnel! i needed to concentrate not to choke in the fluid. 


His partner peed in a measure cup and Sir fed it to me. 
Damnnnnn nice!! And finaly warm fluid!
i realized i was immobile and couldn't refuse anything otherwise i would choke. The only thing i could do was swallow and concentrate in my breathing in combination with swallowing.

The thing is that i needed to concetrate constantly is swallowing. The rest, being immobilized, the big wide gag, blindfold and my rubber outfit and plug didn't bother me.
It was just the constant flow off the sharp tasting morning urine drove me crazy after 2-3 hours.
i was comfortable enough to basically fall asleep but i couldn't because of the swallowing. 


Sir gave me a few glasses with water in between as well so i could balance out my salt levels.

Sometimes Sir needed to leave the room to get new filled frozen condoms. At that moment i tried my best to put pressure on my bladder so i would fill the urinebag as well. i really needed to pee but wasn't able to because i was plugged and lying down on my back.
i felled that my bladder was getting really full and i needed to pee so i could keep on drinking.
Too bad i couldn't succeed in peeing the bag full and empty my bladder. i was so disappointed in myself and wished i had a internal catheter. 

After 4 hours i was reaching my limit! My bladder was over full and because of that my stomach was full as well. Everytime i swallowed it felt like it came back up. My stomach was overfull. because i couldn't pee i felt that if i drank more i would start to puke.
My body was giving up but my mind wouldn't.
i couldn't talk so i couldn't explaine to Sir what was going to happen. i noticed i was starting to moan like a pig.
If i could only pee, i wanted to go longer!!!
i wondered if i would be able to pee if He would roll me on my side so i could pee?!

Sir noticed that i hit a limit and tried to stretch my moment of surrender. He stretched it with 30 minutes. When the condom was empty He peed in a measurecup and told me that i needed to drink that and that would be the my last drink!!

i haven't got a clue how but i managed to swallow it and keep it inside me. Sir started to untie the whole setting. Finally when He undid the mouthgag i could tell Him what was happening. He told me He didn't realized that and was wondering allready why i didn't pee in the urinebag that was attached to me.

Sir let me go to the toilet to pee, that was such a relieve, i felt better immediately!!

When i came back in the room it was time for some serious breathplay. Sir bought a new rebreather hood in Berlin. One with semi seethrough frontpanel.
This was a very very heavy hood. When you have it on you run out of air immediatly! Whe breathing out the hole lets the air out of the hood but when you breath in the hole closes.
Sir also used the rebreather hood with a reabreather bag. The advantage of that hood is that you rebreath your own air and the amount of oxygen runs out what results in quicker and heavier breathing.  

His new hood is very heavy but horny when used! It sticks to your face, gets hot and sweaty!
i really love a good breathplay session, it gets me so horny.
Sir gave me a few hints with poppers as well! i was rockhard and so horny. While being on poppers, with almost no air Sir slapped me hard in my balls.
The combination with the ballbusting got me to a different high, before i knew i had an orgasm!!

Thank you Sir!!!!

We cleaned up a little and went downstairs for a drink and something to eat.
i left the same way i arrived, rubber outfit, plugged, adidas chile tracksuit.

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