Forced drinking session!! A fantasy comes true!!
11 December 2016 | 12:00 pm

i made an appointment with Sir LeatherDennis to visit Him for a bdsm session.
Because we know eachother He is free in deciding what He thinks what be good for me.


i got an "kik" message saying what to bring and what to wear.
- slave jimmy rubber suit
- electro buttplug
- my own bodybag
- nice smelly sneakers
- long socks


"When you almost arrive i expect a message ftom you slave! I'll put the frontdoor a bit open. You will enter My house, go to the playroom, undress and wait for me."

i arrived and was a little nerveus. i went straight upstairs to the playroom. i dropped my bag looked around and noticed nothing really was set up! So no clue what was going to happen. There was leather bodybag on the bed and the steel bondageframe was standing there.

i turned around, got my tracksuit of and folded my clothes up. Then i turned around and got the freight of my life, the bodybag moved, there was someone in there which i didn't notice the first time.
i think it is Sir's partner but he was masked, so i didn't know for sure.
What was going to happen, i was more nervous and excited.

i sat on my knees under the bondageframe with my hands in my neck and waited.
After a short while i heard someone going up the stairs.....

Sir entered the room, stood behind me, kind of hugged me and checked my body with His leather gloves. He blindfolded me and i needed to undo my shoes. He got the bodybag out of my bag and placed it on the floor.
i sucked his leather gloved vinger and He collected something.
He put a penisgag in my mouth and said to suck on that.

He helped me getting into the bodybag. Arms in the armsleeves and zipped me up. The leather masked that is attached He zipped off.

"i hope you are comfortable" He said, it's going to be a long while!!
Shit i thought!! i didn't go to the bathroom and i needed to pee i think.

i didn't have a clue what He was doing, He was strapping something up, i heard some metal....
He unbuttoned the penis attachment and replaced it with a hollow big mouthpiece.
i felt that the mouthpiece was attached to something else, i couldn't move my head that easy anymore so i layed still. 
Then He undid the zipper of the bodybag, undid the zipper of my rubber suit and took my dick out. He placed something over my dick and glued it to it! It was an external catheter, and He zipped me up again.
Shit is this going to be what i think it is?!?!?!????


This will do He said and left the room.

When He came back he tied something above me i guess. He laughed and said something like PERFECT.


Suddenly i tasted something, it was cold, salty and it were small drips. OMG is this piss?!?!
It tasted like morning urine! 


Sir said something like hmmm the hole needs to be bigger. He did something and then the dripps were bigger and came quicker after eachother.
Damnnn i was fucking horny!!


When everything was installed and ready He undid the blindfold. i still had my eyes closed and then He told me i could look. i opened my eyes and saw a white funnel above my face with a tube attached to my hollow gag.
i was so fucking horny by now. 


Sir blindfolded me again and He told me to relax because this will take some time.
After a while i heard His partner enter the room and He told Him he had something for me.
His partner was in a chastitybelt for two days allready. 
Suddenly there was a big stream of warm fluid going through the funnel! i needed to concentrate not to choke in the fluid. 


His partner peed in a measure cup and Sir fed it to me. 
Damnnnnn nice!! And finaly warm fluid!
i realized i was immobile and couldn't refuse anything otherwise i would choke. The only thing i could do was swallow and concentrate in my breathing in combination with swallowing.

The thing is that i needed to concetrate constantly is swallowing. The rest, being immobilized, the big wide gag, blindfold and my rubber outfit and plug didn't bother me.
It was just the constant flow off the sharp tasting morning urine drove me crazy after 2-3 hours.
i was comfortable enough to basically fall asleep but i couldn't because of the swallowing. 


Sir gave me a few glasses with water in between as well so i could balance out my salt levels.

Sometimes Sir needed to leave the room to get new filled frozen condoms. At that moment i tried my best to put pressure on my bladder so i would fill the urinebag as well. i really needed to pee but wasn't able to because i was plugged and lying down on my back.
i felled that my bladder was getting really full and i needed to pee so i could keep on drinking.
Too bad i couldn't succeed in peeing the bag full and empty my bladder. i was so disappointed in myself and wished i had a internal catheter. 

After 4 hours i was reaching my limit! My bladder was over full and because of that my stomach was full as well. Everytime i swallowed it felt like it came back up. My stomach was overfull. because i couldn't pee i felt that if i drank more i would start to puke.
My body was giving up but my mind wouldn't.
i couldn't talk so i couldn't explaine to Sir what was going to happen. i noticed i was starting to moan like a pig.
If i could only pee, i wanted to go longer!!!
i wondered if i would be able to pee if He would roll me on my side so i could pee?!

Sir noticed that i hit a limit and tried to stretch my moment of surrender. He stretched it with 30 minutes. When the condom was empty He peed in a measurecup and told me that i needed to drink that and that would be the my last drink!!

i haven't got a clue how but i managed to swallow it and keep it inside me. Sir started to untie the whole setting. Finally when He undid the mouthgag i could tell Him what was happening. He told me He didn't realized that and was wondering allready why i didn't pee in the urinebag that was attached to me.

Sir let me go to the toilet to pee, that was such a relieve, i felt better immediately!!

When i came back in the room it was time for some serious breathplay. Sir bought a new rebreather hood in Berlin. One with semi seethrough frontpanel.
This was a very very heavy hood. When you have it on you run out of air immediatly! Whe breathing out the hole lets the air out of the hood but when you breath in the hole closes.
Sir also used the rebreather hood with a reabreather bag. The advantage of that hood is that you rebreath your own air and the amount of oxygen runs out what results in quicker and heavier breathing.  

His new hood is very heavy but horny when used! It sticks to your face, gets hot and sweaty!
i really love a good breathplay session, it gets me so horny.
Sir gave me a few hints with poppers as well! i was rockhard and so horny. While being on poppers, with almost no air Sir slapped me hard in my balls.
The combination with the ballbusting got me to a different high, before i knew i had an orgasm!!

Thank you Sir!!!!

We cleaned up a little and went downstairs for a drink and something to eat.
i left the same way i arrived, rubber outfit, plugged, adidas chile tracksuit.

My first LADZ edition in Amsterdam 25-07-2015
25 July 2015 | 7:00 pm

My first Ladz experience!

i was looking forward to this evening for a long time.
And fun we had.

i went there with three friends. Being there in knew a few people more as well.

The evening was nice, drinking beer, dancing and walking around. Lot's off sexy guys in very hot outfits and super nice sneakers. Because the four of us wanted some action as well we went to the lick and sniff area.
There was nothing there so we threw each other on the benches there and had some action with each other. before we knew it we had a huge crowd around us watching.
i was licking and sniffing and being dominated by my best friend. He ordered me to lick and sniff his friend Nike Classics and then i needed to suck his friend. And i can tell you that is something to swallow. The four of use had fun for 30 minutes and then ended it because people were interfering and we didn't like that too much.

We went downstairs and had a drink or two and danced. Then we were on a prowl again. We went upstairs and sat down somewhere, a hot sneaker guy joined and my best friend ordered me to lick the guys sneakers. The guy had some fun with me. He kicked me a little, stood with his other sneaker on me and finally he forced his cock in my mouth. i was so bloody horny!!!

My friend watched me being in subspace and smiled. The know me and the know i like this very much. Finally my best friend dragged me up and hugged me, looked me in the eyes and smiled. "Here you go buddy, for you".

We had some other beers and danced a little more.

Because i was the BOB i couldn't drink. When we almost left i saw a guy i knew online. He is a posterboy for Ladz and fucking fucking HOT. i licked his Nikes just before we left.
My night couldn't be better!!!

Thank you friends and the organization of Ladz off course.

Antwerpen Fetish Pride 14-02-2015
14 February 2015 | 9:00 pm

Are we going to Antwerp Fetish Pride or not?
GEARguyNL wasn't sure yet. He wasn't in a fetish mood. But i know him to well, he could decide otherwise later on.
Just in case i packed a fetishbag and put it in the trunk of my car and drove towards him.
When i arrived we both went to his barber and got our hair cut. Haha the barber thought i was GEARguyNL's boyfriend on this valentines day and we both got a red rose.

After that we went to pickup a cupboard which he bought online. On the way there and back he slowly changed his mind and Antwerp was a go. i tried my best to book a hotel and called a few but with no success. So if we were going it was going to be just the evening/night and then go back home.

We dropped of the cupboard, returned the van and started packing some stuff.
We got a shower, got dressed in rubber, put on a track suit and started our one hour drive to Antwerp.

When we arrived we parked at the harbor were the part "RAW" was held. So funny, the car that we parked behind was from close friends of me and my Master who went to their first big fetish event. how big is the chance of that. 
During the day there was a convention there called "Darklands". 
A Dutch TV host was just walking out of Darklands. They made an item there about pup play. He is a good looking young guy and looks HOT in leather.We went inside and got tickets for the party that night. When we walked inside one of them was in the lobby just getting some fresh air. i said hi to BootMasterNL

Because we were to early we needed to kill some time. 
We got our tracksuits off and made some nice pictures there with the harbor cranes. They turned out great.

When we were making pictures a guy came up and asked if should make a picture of the both of us. i turned around and saw my friend Quispel. i didn't see him in a while so i was so happy to see him there. We often talk online but didn't meet in a while.
The three of us walked towards the citycentre. We went to the brand new Mister-B shop and did some shopping and sightseeing. We walked with Quispel towards his hotel and we went back into the centre to get something to eat.
We also got some Belgium fries and snacks and i bought my Master some Belgium chocolates for being so kind to let me go. There was only one thing, we were so warm with our rubber outfits under our clothes :-)

We walked back towards the harbor and saw it was beautiful with spotlights. i didn't have to think twice and said an other photo moment was there. GEARguyNL liked the idea so we got our tracksuits off again and made some awesome pictures off each other. Because it was februari it was freezing cold so that was a disadvantage. We made a few good photo's which we could use on our profiles.

After the photoshoot we were ready to go inside. We got our gear together and walked to the entrance. When we walked inside you could feel the fetish vibe already.
We dropped our bag in the luggage area, got drink tokens and walked inside and walked around. This venue was the best i have been in my fetish life. Big, nicely decorated, good music, dance floor, big darkroom, good atmosphere. And if you know only one guy planned and arranged this party. 

We first had a drink. Both a beer to lose the typical nerves. i needed to drive back so this would be my last beer for that night. We walked around. It wasn't that busy yet but it will be later on. We walked into the darkroom and bumped into some people we know. We both got lucky at the same time. i bumped into a nice chastity Master i knew from other parties which played with me a bit. Finally He forced me on my knees and ordered me to give Him a blowjob. That was a nice start of the evening.
GEARguyNL had his fun as well. 

We walked further and bumped in more people we know, alway good. We got some drinks and danced a bit.
Then we walked an other round.
The darkroom itself had a few area's, also a wet area. GEARguyNL hooked up with someone and signed me to do my own thing. i walked into the next area, the watersports area. There was a beautiful young guy sitting on hands an knees waiting for some wet play. i'm submissive but the fantasy was still there of peeing one someone. i needed to pee as well but tried the best i could but couldn't. i was to horny and rock hard to even pee a drop. It was very nice to see all the guys playing and peeing. i just watched the show until GEARguyNL picked me up again. 
He smiled so i guessed he enjoyed himself.

Back to the dance floor and ready for an other drink. We passed the toilets so i went there i finally could pee haha.
The evening was very nice. We were chatting with a lot of people and got to know some new people as well. Sir_R was there as well always nice to see Him in His hot leather outfit. My close friends didn't go that evening they only went to both Darkland editions.

We met up with Quispel again and his handler and chatted with them.
It is always difficult for me to adjust to the fact i'm not really a slave at such parties. i must arrange a date when i go to such a event. GEARguyNL sometimes dominates which is nice but we agreed not to do that too much because of our friendship.
We did an other walked around and asked someone what the time was. it was past 3:30 am already. 

We bumped into Quispel again and asked if they were going to the boots as well. GEARguyNL hasn't been there yet and i wanted him to expience that as well. We are here anyway. 
They were keen in going so we got ready to leave. i drove the four of us there and we went inside.
Inside GEARguyNL immediately had a young willing sub besides us who asked if we wanted to fist him in a sling. The guy was drunk and i guessed had used something else. He kept following us and pulling our arm to have fun with him. We both looked at each other and nodded our head, and tried to get rid of him. We walked around and looked on all the levels of the building.
We went to the bar area where i placed myself on my knees and GEARguyNL had some fun with me and spanked me. That was really nice. i needed that a lot!!
Then the handler of Quispel took over and GEARguyNL had some good fun with Quispel.
i licked some boots, got spanked and felt submissive. Mission accomplished if i say so myself.

Around 06:30 am we needed to go home. We dropped Quispel and his handler off at there hotel and GEARguyNL and me drove home again. He slept a bit in the car and looked happy.
When we arrived at his place, after more then an hour drive, i got a cup of coffee. He asked me to stay and get some sleep but i felt i needed to go home towards my Master.
He asked me if i would be okay driving an other two hours. i felt okay so i packed my stuff and kissed him goodbye. Thanks for the great night we both said at the same time.
Lucky to have him as a friend.

i drove home and arrived safely around 10:00. My Master was up already and was surprised i was home already. Did you get up so early He said and i said yes. i told him i would grab a shower and i'll be ready to go with him to his grandmothers. i took of my tracksuit, and got under the shower in the rubber suit i was still wearing. i got it off washed it and hang it to dry.
i put on some easy clothes and drove my Master to the family. i still felt good after being up over 24 hours. On the way i told my Master what happened in Antwerp and told Him i didn't sleep yet.
"Silly slave", He said.
When we got back i slept for two hours and had a nice chill afternoon with my Master.

Again a nice adventure.

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