12 July 2018 | 4:15 pm

Sorry i haven’t been blogging so much.

School, work has been stressful the last two years.

i finally found myself an online SneakerMaster and a live Boss.
The both off them make sure i didn't derailed in the last two years.

But because i need to reflect on the things that did happen to me, is my yearly bdsm camp a good way to start again.

Fetish pride Antwerpen 24-02-2018 and 25-03-2018
8 March 2018 | 9:52 pm

This year fetishpride wasn’t really on my scedule cause off my education, but i made it!

i went on my own and Dix arranged that i could stay with him and his partner at SIR’s place for a night.

before i went i packed my bag with rubber clothing, heavy clejuso handcuffs, mask and some toys.
Also i brought my sleepingbag.

When i drove there i wasn’t in the mood yet, but that will change quickly i now. i arrived, greeted everyone and dropped my stuff upstairs.
My sleepingplace was the bed in the cage. 

We had lunch and after that we packed our bags to go. i wore my piss jockstrap and over that my Adidas stripper pants, yellow rubber converse sneakers and a Adidas chile 62 jacket. Dix put the heavy chain and lick around my neck and put the keys in his bag.
When we artived we got everything in a locker and i had a small bag with my rubber suit with me.

i needed to report myself at the erotic gambling stand at 14:00. i was a object to be gambled with that afternoon. People could throw a dice and the numbers 1 untill 6 will stand for a mysterybox with something in it to use on me, while i was strapped in a stockage.

When it was my time i needed to undress, wear a mask and was put in the stockage. The presenter convinced people to throw the dice and play.
The items in the boxes were:
Clothes pins
Cling foil
Permanent markers
Shoe shining

It was pretty humiliation sitting there on my knees, i couldn’t look up so i only saw peoples shoes/boots and pants. Some times i thought i recognized voices or outfits!

i was wrapped with foil 3-4 times, clothes pins about 5-6 times. My nipples had clothespins on them and the next person wrapped me in foil. After 30/45 minutes that got painful haha.
Clothes pins on my tongue, lip, arms, between my fingers didn’t hurt that much.
A few people wrote Scum, cumdump, pisswhore on my body and one person was lucky to won the candles. That was very very nice an a little more painfull that the other items.
i heard friends of me pass by but they didn’t want to roll the dice because they thought that would be ackward.

In between i got water to drink from a dog bowl. 

The shoeshining was nice to do. The stockage is to small and to low so my back was killing me. When the shoeshining was won, they took me out of the stockage  to the side of the stage.

The first time i licked the tall boots of the Master clean with my tongue, the Master really liked that. Then there was leather lotion i rubbed into the boots.
The second time i needed to shou shine ot was for Sir LeatherDennis. He enjoyed His price. i licked His boots clean while He used the ridingcrop from His boots to spank the wax from my back.
The wax flew around everywhere, i ate some of it i think as well.

Sir LeatherDennis enjoyed His price and made sure i felt that aswell. i heard Him tell the host that He knew me so he didn’t have to worry.

After 1,5 hours my turn was over. The new guy was there to take my place. A nice boy with Nikes, soccersocks, jockstrap, baseball cap. He looked very nice. Would have loved to sniff and lick his Nikes.

i got myself out of the mask, put on my slave jimmy rubber shorty and watched for a few minutes. A other friend came by which i greeted. He asked me about the game and i said He needed to roll the dice and roll a one because He likes to spank people. He did roll a one! So He spanked the new boys bottum hard and pink.

Now i was a free slave again. i went for a walk around all the stands to have a good look. i entered the second hand market and bought a nice Alpha bomber jacket and an army bag which was filled with an respirator with rubber airballoon. Both good deals!!
There was a lot more, lots of leather pants, to bad Boss B wasn’t with me to try some on. He needs a good outfit!

When i saw Dix again i got my heavy clejuso handcuffs on for the rest of the afternoon.
We walked around saw a lot off other kinky friends and talked with them. It is almost a reunion. 
i enjoyed myself.

Around 18:15 we agreed to go out for dinner with Dix, his husband and two other friends of theirs. We got dressed again, i got my rubber off and put my rubber piss jockstrap on under my stripper pants. The chain around my neck stayed on.

We walked to the MAS harbour area and wanted to go to a Italian restaurant. The restaurant was fully booked so we needed to wait 30/45 minutes. It was freezing cold outside so we walked to a bar a few buildings further down the street.
The music in the bar was way to loud. But it was just for 30 minutes so that was better then waiting in the cold wind. The food in the restaurant was incredible good and not expensive. After dinner we drove back to SIR’s place.

Sir was sitting in the living room, He didn't get out tonight. We joined Him and an other slave who stayed there as well and had one drink before we turned to bed. i was very knacked.
i brushed my teeth and crawled into my sleeping bag in the cage.
The bed in the cage is comfortable but i couldn't sleep that good. i woke up a lot. At 07:00 the other slave returned from the rage party at Darklands.
From there i just slept a few quarters. Then i had an idea, get out of bed, throw everything into my sleeping bag and take everything downstairs and go to the study. Sit against the heating there and start my blog.

After 30-45 minutes Dix was awake as well and came to ask me if i wanted some tea. His partner went out to get fresh bread rolls and croissants. i went to the kitchen and enjoyed my cup of tea.
When Sir entered the kitchen He started a fire in the fireplace and threw a woodblock on the fire.
The setting was so great, relaxed and cosy. i love being there. Sir is such a good host.

After dinner we tried to fix a problem with the TV but after some settings and cross tests we think the TV inner videocard is broken. Sir would need an expert or a new TV.
Then it was time to pack and get ready for Darklands. i needed to bring my sneaker sniffer muzzle and of course a sneaker. i did put on my slavejimmy rubber at Sir's place and brought clothes for my journey back home. The plan was to leave around 16:00 home. Dix his partner would probably join me back home.

When we arrived Dix went to help a friend who had a stand at the market with leather and rubber gear which he made himself. i got this friend 3 pairs of old Nike sneakers. He will make a paddle or sneaker muzzle for me.
After walking around, talking to friends and having a drink i walked around in the darkroom to see how they designed the space this time. It was two levels and looked amazing. There wasn't anyone there.
Also the market was slow. Most people went home or are taking the day to sleep in and explore Antwerp. i talked to belpup, such a nice and friendly guy.

Then it was time to return to the stand on the market. i got the sneaker sniffer muzzle which i designed and made at SISC camp in 2016. i talked with Dix his friend and offered him to stand with the muzzle on in his stand to see if people would like this. We attached a label with his website on the muzzle. i took my cumsneakers with me. The left one only got my own cum but the left one has the cum from Boss B and a friend. This way Boss B was with me there, i missed Him.
i stood for 1,5 hours in the stand with the muzzle on and i saw a few people being interested and contacting the staff of the stand. Some made pictures and others ask if it was for sale already.
When it was 16:00 i took the muzzle of and left it with the standowner so He could finetune my design and put it into production. Great news.

We said goodbye, got dressed and left the event. We drove home and i dropped Dix his partner of at their place. i had a major headache and i was glad to be home again with my husband.
i turned into bed early, i needed the sleep.

Thank you Dix and the others for this great weekend.

Being used by Boss B
24 February 2018 | 10:36 pm

i agreed to go past Boss B before we would have dinner together! i took my bike there and had my collar on around my neck under my jacket!

When i arrived i kissed both feet to greet Him. He was surprised to see my collar on. That made him happy. From there on there will be no walking just crawling on hands and knees.

He kissed me, slapped my face a few times and spit in my face as well. Then He facefucked me, hard and deep! His big swollen dick in the back of my throat. It felled huge and i couldn’t breath. He likes that and when i gasp for air His dick is pounding and gets thicker and He fucks me harder.

Then He ordered me to sit in the kitchen with my back against the wall. i needed to get a sneaker of my feet and place it in my face. Nice and warm damping air flows into my nose. i got a boner straight away.
He left and got back and taped the sneaker to my face with ducttape. i didn’t expected it!

The He left me again to pack some stuff to go on holiday. When He came back He pulled my up by my collar and led me the way to His bathroom. i needed to sit there on my knees, hands behind my back.

He went on doing laundry, packing His suitcase and making some calls. He checked on me twice.
it is so fucking hard to sit like that for an hour, but i want to make Him proud.

When He was ready He entered the bathroom, took the tape and sneaker off and stuck His dick in my mouth but didn’t fuck me. That means piss! And yeah i got a really big load off piss to drinks straight from the tap!
i tasted really good and got me rock hard.

Then He took me to the livingroom, sat me on my knees again and started to play with my nipples. i was bloody horny by now and slipped in and out of subspace. He must have seen that and went on and on.

Because i’m not aloud to cum freely i warned Him but He kept going. After 15 minutes i had an handsfree orgasm in my jockstrap/pants.
He laughed and told me i’m a mess and ordered me to wear that jockstrap 24/7 untill He was back from holiday. i felled empty, dirty but very blessed to have Him as my Boss.

Then i was allowed to shave Boss His head with clippers for His holiday. When i was ready He spitt my face two times and kicked me out on the street again with Spit running down my face.

Thank you Boss for this humuliation!!

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