Being used by Boss B
30 September 2017 | 6:12 pm

Boss B is a guy i know for a few years know. Sometimes we play kinkywise.
Last week when i saw Him again He was in a very dominating mood.

On sunday He gave me the order to wear white socks, a jockstrap and a cockring. Later that evening i found out that i needed to wear the jockstrap en cockring 24/7 untill we would meet. We agreed to meet up on thursday.

It was very difficult to do this task. i got erection to often and they started to hurt. Especially at night!
Boss B didn’t care. 
i did my best and managed, even had to go for a 10 km run like that!

On wednesday Boss B ordered me to take a papercup to the toilet during my lunchbreak. i needed to pee the cup full and drink it in one go. This always makes me horney like hell! I made a short video pissing the cup full and one of me drinking it.
It even didn’t tasted that bad, but that was probably because i was so horny.

That jockstrap and those socks smelled increadable! i sniffed them whenever i could.

Thursday’s orders were very simple. Bring handcuffs, buttplug, clean jock, clean socks, king size condoms, lubricant, colllar, and a facemask with only a mouth opening. Prepare yourself to be used in both holes!!
And i needed to be at His place at 13:00.

When i got home from work i only had an hour to prepare, shave, dress and pack my stuff. A real ratrace.

When i arrived i needed to send a message and wait outside for the door to be opened. I also needed to wait  2 minutes and then enter the door. i needed to lock and bolt the door behind me.

The rest of the orders were exciting!
i stripped naked, went to the bathroom and needed to place all the condoms, buttplug, lubricant there. Then i went into the shower cubical and sat on my knees. i put on the mask, my collar and put the dirty jockstrap and a dirty sock in my mouth and handcuff myself behind my back and wait. Ohh that sock and jock smelled so nice. 

He kept me waiting for i guess 15-20 minutes before He checked on me. i guess He checked if i did what was asked from me. i felt my dick pulsing. The cockring was still on so it got tight down there.
He pinced my nipples and rubbed His groin in my face and He left.

Again i waited, still on my knees, around 15 minutes before He checked on me again. Again He pinched my nipples, very hard. i growled into the sock and jock and smelled and tasted them.

After 5 minutes He left again! Leaving me there, still on my knees, blindfolded and cuffed. My knees were hurting a little, my muscles tighted up.
How long will i be here! What is He going to do with me?

When He came back He pulled the dirty jock/sock out of my mouth and put His dick in my mouth. i wanted to suck but wasn’t allowed.
Strange but then i noticed some fluid flowing in my mouth. He pissed and i needed to swallow everything.
It taste not strong and a even little sweet. i swallowed every drop and the i sucked Him hard.
Then He pulled out shoved my jock/sock back in my mouth, and left me again. Still wondering for how long. Again the pains came back! i didn’t want to give up so i lean over and rested my head against the wall.

When He came back He turned me around my ass facing Him! i heard Him prepairing something.
He shoved me forward, shoved my cuffed arms upwards and unexpected forced His huge dick in my ass!! i screamed in my gag!! i tried to push Him off me but didn’t succeed! His dick slipped out.
His second go hurted as well but i noticed that the pain was less. He third entry felt more normal! Damn i was being raped brutaly! 
He had a rubber glove on and basicly tried to fist me as well. i or better formulated, my ass was very relaxed. He got five fingers in without any a problem. Because Boss B never fisted anyone He took it easy and stopped at five fingers. i bet when He went on the whole hand would have slipped in my sloppy ass!! Hopefully next time we would try that, it is about time my ass would be wrecked by a hand!!!
Now he fucked me hard and deep! After a little while he pulled me up by my collar. He pulled me out of the cubical. My legs were relieved after being on my knees for almost 1,5 hour.
He took me a few steps forward and uncuffedmy hands. He let me lean against the sink and started fucking me rough and hard. After a little while He pulled my mask off and forced me to watch Him fuck me in the mirror. Damn he pulled my collar so hard that i almost couldn’t breath! His face was without mercy! He look so tough and rough! He looked so sadistic, it scared and intrigued me. It was hard to watch Him without getting to excited! I felt an orgasm come up so i turned my face down! 
The more i didn’t look at Him in the mirror the stronger He pulled my collar to make me watch Him. 

Then He placed my head into the shower cubical and the rest on hands and knees outside the cubical and fucked me doggystyle for a while. His dick was rock hard.

After that He pulled me into His hallway and fucked me against the wall. Then it was off into the bedroom. Again rough and hard. i think that is His favourite thing to do with this lowlife of a filty pig.
Then He plugged me with the squarepeg egg plug i brought.

He placed a towel on the floor and let me sit on that on my knees. i guess Boss B saw the amount of precum i was leaking by know. He got the condom off and i needed to stay on my knees and worship His dick! Smelling it, kissing it, licking it and finally taking it deep in my throat giving Him a blowjob!
i played with His balls! 
He played with my plug while i took care of His needs. Oh boy i was so horny by know, an orgasm kept popping up which i needed to suppress.

Finally i saw Boss was close to an orgasm as well! i want His cum so badly so i prepared myself so He could shoot it straight in my mouth.
He orgasm was very very intense, i saw all His muscles twitch. Beautiful!!
He pinched my nipple very hard.
His massive load ended up in my mouth and before i knew it my ass was clamping on to the plug and my dick was throbbing and i shot my load onto the towel.
It came from my toes. Then i swallod His load!
Again a handsfree orgasm.

Boss was happy and pleased. He invited me next to Him in bed to relax a little while.

After resting a little He took me to the shower. Under the shower He staryed playing with my plug and nipples again! He pulled the plug out and forced it in again while i jerked off. i shot my load a second time!  

Then the play was over! We showered ourselfs clean, we kissed a little and we finished showering.

We got dressed and He ordered me to clean everything up. Afterwards we went shopping for groceries!

Thank you Boss for making me your fuck object!!

BDSM camp 2017, day seven Friday
31 August 2017 | 4:35 am

What a terrible night.

i think i didn't sleep at all. Birthdayguy "J" decided to go to sleep in the sleeper with his prisoner on. metal cuffs and chains. He made a terrible noise during the night. He got out of bed a few times to go to the toilet and he turned in his sleep a lot. It kept me awake during the night.

So when i got out of bed i was broken, felt terrible.
Dix saw this and felt bad for me.

Breakfast time! We prepared tea for Sir and we could sit outside for breakfast. Always very nice.

After breakfast i told Dix i would try to sleep some more this afternoon. Later that day i had an appointment with Sir "P" who won me on the action and i don't want to disappoint Him by being a tired mess.

Dix had an idea.
Dix put me into my straightjacket and took me to an isolation-cel. He true me in and told me to get some rest. He put my phone in the corner with some sueding music on from a Spotifylist.  i was very horny being in there. There isn't enough room to really lay comfortable but if you lay a bit sideways it will do.
A little later He came back with a bag full of gear. He true old sock on me, different kind of sneakers, my cum-bomber jacket, worn jockstraps and other smelly stuff.
He left again.
i think i got an 2 maybe 3 hour sleep. i couldn't sleep all the time but i was resting and there wasn't much noise there. When Dix came to release me he told me the cell smelled terrible hahaha.
i think the personal kinky horny gear around me made me really feel comfortable and cosy.
i really loved it.

He took me outside, got me out of the straightjacket and let me put all my stuff back in the sleeper. i took a shower and felt reborn again.

i relaxed for a little while outside before Sir "P" collected me from the courtyard.
i was nervous because i saw Him in action a few times and He knows what He is doing and can play heavy and strong. This is something i like a lot but i'm always afraid with new people that i can't deliver what they want or expect.

He took me to dungeon 1, i didn't need to wear anything special, and wasn't tied up. He put me against a rack and started flogging me. He started soft and builded the levels up in a good way.
He had a bag with Him full with different kind of whips and paddles.

He is increadable in His spanking/whipping work. It felt good and i really enjoyed it. It was rytmic and the build up was nice.
He had an special whip He wanted to use and that was the "African Lady"! Nasty but very nice.

At the end i noriced His partner "A" was there and also Dix, Sir and slave Thomas were there. My session ended and i hugged and thanked Sir "P" for His craftmenship and time.

Thomas was being tied up spread eagle between to wooden beams. He was getting a salomon whipping from Sir.
This classical Music piece has a great rhythm and build up. Sir realy enjoyed this classical music piece in combination with a whipping session. It is powerful and makes Him really powerfull.

After Thomas had his session Sir ordered me to put Dix in the same position. That was a little hard for me. Having to tie up my Alpha felt very strange.

When Dix was tied up also He recieved a Salome from Sir. i loved seeing Sir enjoying Himself. Dix was moving around on the rythym of the music and the whips.

i didn't recieve a solome yet in Danemark, hopefully next year was going to be my lucky chance.

i untied Dix and gave him a hug! We cleaned everything up and brought everything back to the sleeper.

Predinner drinks tonight were gin tonic. Lovely drink i never really got to know before this camp. i had some dried sausage to go with it. We enjoyed ourselfs before dinner.

Dinner tonight was the last one this camp.
As starters we had Springroll with vegetables and shrimps with a real spicy sauce. In the springrolls was a seasoning that was very dominant, couldn't figure out what.
Maincourse was Steak, potatos, broccoli and a lovey sauce. Everything from in my own metal campbowl!

For dessert we neede to go out of the dinner. They cooks made us a special dessert that was made to measure a person.

When everything was set we could enter the dinner again. The cooks made a incredible cool dessert. They made all cockshaped white chocolate desserts filled with chocolate mousse. They all had different shapes and sizes. It look cool and tasted really good!

At dinner we found out our last duty during the clean-up party! We were in charge of cleaning the diner and the schoolroom above it. Same as last year!

After dinner it was packing time. Tomorrow we haven't got much time for that. i made sure everything was in the right box and bag.

The evening was chill, it was basicly saying goodbye a little and chitchat.

Just before bedtime me, "C" and Sir "S" went to dungeon 2 and they made me suck there dicks and they used my face/head as there cumdump! Both enjoyed using me like that! i loved it!!

After that is was time to brush my teeth and go to bed!
Last night of bad sleep i guess 🤣!


BDSM Camp 2017, day six Thursday
27 August 2017 | 2:26 pm

Normally Sir leaves camp for a day to go to a city/museum. This year this was going to be on an Thursday instead of Wednesday.
Dix wasn't still not feeling well so he stayed at camp.

After breakfast, me, Sir and "L" left to Arhaus. This is an hour drive from camp. Arhaus is the second large city of Denmark. i drove us there.

We had a nice discussion about the Danish people. i found it curious that people didn't stare at me/us and they seem not to care that my outfit or chain necklace were that obvious.
"L" told me that staring is not in there culture. The Danish culture leave room for personal space. People don't judge nor stare at people.
They even have a law that regulates this. It is "everyone has the right not to be spoken to". This basically main that you have the right to have your own space.

The museum is stunning like last year. The big statue of a boy which is called "the boy" was moved from the basement to the fourth floor. How they managed to do that is a big mystery. It is to big to move in one piece we think.

There was a exposition about curious looking wallpaper which should have a hypnotic effect which i didn't discover. You needed to walk on a line on the floor and cover one eye and then you could see a secret message.

The second temporary exposition was about gardens. There were plants which grew under artificial lights and different kind of installations about weather and gardening.

In between we had a lunch in the museum. i had a nice bread roll with trout on it, "L" a vegetarian bread roll and Sir a nice looking salad. It all tasted great.

In the basement was a different kind of exposition. It looked like a nightclub with a dance floor, dj booth, bar, etc. There were curtains with all kind of sexual pictures printed on them. Also the wallpaper was sexual. It had erections on them but were printed in dots so you had to look good to really see it.

There was a couch with Alpha bomber jacket on the couch and there were full ashtrays, empty beer cans and wine bottles. It looked like the day after in the nightclub.
In the basement were also a mirror room with mirrors everywhere.You could see yourself multiple times in the mirrors.

We also did the rainbow walk on the roof of the museum. "L" liked that as well.

Before hand i had a different feeling about the road trip. i rather stayed on camp because i felt like i would miss out on some BDSM fun but the trip was like last year a great trip. i really loved that museum.

The drive back was fine. i figured out that the car had different settings to drive namely automatic, manual and a sports setting.

When we arrived back on camp Dix and me tried to delete a setting in the car that said to reset the tyre pressure measurement system. The message was there because there were new tires installed. We couldn't figure it, not with the french manual and google. We found out that the dealer/garage was the only one who could reset this.

The afternoon was very nice. We had drinks which i served and i cut some dried sausage off to eat with the pre dinner drinks.
When we were ready for dinner we went into the diner.

Like every evening i waited until the most people got there dinner before i got in line with my bowl and Dix his bowl. Dinner today was fish, rice and salat.
Dessert was special because one yo the campers Jaques was having his 70th birthday.

Because that was special and the person was a "prisoner kind of person there" 5 people came forward and had chains and cuffs with them. The played happy birthday using a stick and tapping on the chains. This was a beautiful and very kind performance that moved me. It is like family.

The evening was a nice and relaxed evening. We sat outside at the campfire and i chatted with some different guys.

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