Just a quick video to talk about my latest photoshoot in the...
22 July 2017 | 4:40 pm

Just a quick video to talk about my latest photoshoot in the woods with my buddy. This friendly homeless person bumped into us while we were shooting and it was only a little awkward. Hopefully the photos will turn out and I’ll have a chance to share them soon!

Thanks @latexcatfish for the cool outfit. Sorry for the poor video quality…I’m working on a 10 year old computer here!

Those that have been chatting with me over the past few weeks...
15 July 2017 | 4:40 pm

Those that have been chatting with me over the past few weeks know all about my technological issues. I’m still using a very out dated phone, and it’s making any app-based communication nigh impossible! Sorry if I’ve dropped off many of those types of chat systems right now, I’ll get back to you as soon as that gets resolved.

In any case, here I am looking longingly over my shoulder for my new phone to arrive in the mail. It’s taken more than 6 weeks, and at this point every time I see a person riding a horse, I imagine that they’ve ridden across the country to deliver my package. It’s hard to know why else it would take so long :p.

I’ve mentioned in past that this latex cycling suit was made by @latexcatfish and photographed in the interior of BC by my lovely partner. It was a great photoshoot, and it is increasingly looking like we’ll be heading to Melbourne, Australia for at least a few years. Watch out Aussies!

danrubberbox: So, today, I will do something a bit different...
9 July 2017 | 12:03 am


So, today, I will do something a bit different than just a simple reblog.

Today marks the beginning of a project, related to what I had in mind when I started this Tumblr.

I wanted to collect pictures and contents about latex gears, regardless colours and kinks, to give my readers an idea about how they can express themselves through the use of this material. Even if it is a standard and looks awesome when polished, black is not what you may wish for.

If you don’t do your own things, you have to consider the time you have to wait for a delivery (if you are not lucky enough to live near a specialised shop or to know someone that can make things for you) and the cost (because I won’t lie, latex has a cost). Regrets may come fast if the result of your order is not what you were expecting it to be. I wanted you to find here something that will help you to define more clearly what you wish. And if you are a professional or gifted with your hands, you may find here ideas and inspiration (if not you own work).

Now a few words about my old/new project: Basically, I will use pictures suitable for edition (sceneries or portraits), and switch colours with new ones. I will try my best to respect ownerships and ask for agreement if possible, but if you see here a picture which is yours and you don’t want it to be published, send me a message and I will remove it ASAP.
I am also considering taking submission, if you have a picture of an outfit you are interested in but in different colours than the original. Feel free to ask me :p.

I plan to do at least one picture a week, but it could be more or less (we all have our lives). And to start this project the best way ever, I will express a HUGE thanks to CJros (check his tumblr) for letting me use his work. And because he’s cool. And nice. Really, he’s a great guy.

We agreed on something base on the Evil Flash, with black, yellow and red. And I added more combinations ideas. Let us know what you think of the result !

Omgomgomgomg! Check out these awesome edits from @danrubberbox! It’s really cool to see how the different colour combinations might look, and the Flash logo is a pretty spiffy addition too! I think my favourite colour swaps are the ones that have the black/grey colour added. I can see how this kind of work might help take some of the guess work out of choosing the perfect colours for your next latex outfit.

Also, thank you so much for the very kind words @danrubberbox. Thank you so  much for starting off your colour project with one of my photos! You’re the best :).

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