The Seattle trip continued to @shinycreature‘s place where we...
18 April 2018 | 8:03 pm

The Seattle trip continued to @shinycreature‘s place where we made delicious carnitas and explored the diversity of wood axes that he owns (3). This was followed by a few episodes of Altered Carbon, and a morning with eggs benedict (with Hollandaise from scratch!). Eventually we made our way over to meet @liondogari and @k0mpy. I went for some nice runs and found a great wetland area with marsh wrens, redwing blackbirds and more. 

Finally at the end of the trip it was time to go home and my train got cancelled and replaced with a bus. In compensation, I got some salty and sweet snacks from Amtrak. I was really excited.

Oh wait, I forgot that this isn’t the travel letter to my mom ;).  I guess we also had some time for a few wickedly fun photoshoots. Photos are being processed, but as promised, more latex tiger photos are on the way. I also had a chance to try some liquid latex, as well as a super cute fursuit. There may be some teasers on certain twitter pages, but until then…

I had this ridiculously fun weekend trip down to the Seattle...
18 April 2018 | 8:00 pm

Window into the Phantom-Zone

They don't call it the rainy city for nothing!

Wouldn't get very far in this canoe.

Abandoned bike-shares everywhere!!!

The gates of chinatown

Little bit of table tennis to get the blood flowing

Arches at the Hing Hay Park

I had this ridiculously fun weekend trip down to the Seattle area. It started with meeting @shinycreature and having a walking tour of Seattle’s Chinatown where my food instincts led me astray and we had some really average Chinese food. I watched a cute older couple play table tennis at the Hing Hay Park, and also saw the fears of Vancouver’s anti-bike share people realized….abandoned bike-shares everywhere: under bridges, on the lawn, parked in alleyways. Quelle horreur!

We also checked out city hall, which was surprisingly fancy, even though they seemed to have a bit of a flooding issue from all the rain this weekend. They also had this fancy new prison-system where they trapped all their enemies and villains in the Phantom Zone. Pretty cool!

As always, Rubbout was a crazy whirlwind weekend of rubber,...
26 March 2018 | 7:20 pm

As always, Rubbout was a crazy whirlwind weekend of rubber, friends and partying. I felt a bit shy about my outfit at first, but I got to be a little tiger for the Friday night dance, and it was grrreeat! I was going for more of a Hobbes-look, but apparently I’m so swol (dear young people: that’s how you use the term, right….?) that I was giving off Tony the Tiger vibes. In any case, it looks like I’ll have to explore this furry side a bit more :). Sorry for the bad photos…my phone camera is terrible, but hopefully I’ll get some cute tiger photos up soon!

It was great to meet old friends and a bunch of new people too, @k0mpy, @pupsnuggles, TorqD, @shinycreature, pupseraph and many more. Special shout out to the irresistibly charismatic @liondogari for his rope harness demo. Of course, a special thank you to all the people at Rubbout for the crazy amounts of work you put into the event, and for @latexcatfish for supporting Rubbout with some great prizes.

I had a big rubber clean up this morning, but that’s part of the fun of being in rubber!

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