It’s been too long since I’ve worn this latex Impulse cosplay...
6 February 2018 | 10:25 am

It’s been too long since I’ve worn this latex Impulse cosplay outfit made by @latexcatfish. The teen superhero team, Young Justice, was one of my favourite comic book series for some time, and I was super excited to have a chance to wear the outfit in latex with @twohandstochoke aka @shinycreature. I’m looking forward to at least one more adventure with @shinycreature before I head off to Melbourne! Both of us love taking photos, but sometimes it can be very difficult and discouraging when we put so much time and work into our photos, and they are immediately reposted without credit somewhere else. I totally understand that the internet is like the wild west, and everything that is put on the internet can be taken by anyone else and shared shamelessly without credit. If we were really serious, we would place a watermark on everything! 

Ultimately, it is not something that keeps me up at night, but other people do not feel the same, and have simply stopped producing and publishing their wonderful, original content. Recently, however, I confronted a “photo collector” about photo stealing and posting photos without credit, and their response was surprisingly aggressive. In short, they first suggested that I should not post any pictures if I don’t want them stolen. Second, they threatened to complain to @latexcatfish (who they are apparently a huge customer of, and have given a ton of free “advertising” to) that I was being mean to them about stealing pictures. Lastly, that I had given them permission (apparently 2 years ago) to post any and all of my pictures and future pictures without credit.

I never responded to this person’s claims because it was facebook, but this is my blog and I can do what I want here…so yes, the whole point of this post is to offer a rebuttal. As I mentioned I understand that photo theft happens on the internet all the time…you can’t stop it. I feel that if you are a “photo/porno collector” you should accept that role and be happy that you’re helping horny people get off. It’s foolish to think that you’re somehow providing a service to the kinky community by providing exposure to people or kinky designers because…guess what? In order to advertise or promote successfully, it has to be abundantly clear who is in the photo and who made their outfits! “Free advertising” doesn’t mean anything if you don’t offer information to the viewer about the products or people photographed! 

Of course, I have no message history of this person requesting my permission to post their photos online. Maybe they asked me via a different user name? In any case, I’m fairly certain that even if I had given them permission to share and post my pictures, I would have asked that they at the bare minimum tagged me in photos taken from my blog. The user even said they would happily delete all my photos from their photo collection…good luck doing that without any tagging system!

So I guess I kind of lied about this problem keeping me up at night….because here I am typing away and getting carried away at 2am. I guess I think that you should all go do whatever the heck you would like to do, but just don’t pretend you’re something you’re not. Revel in your role as a porno aggregator! Just please don’t act like you’re an important influencer in the kinky community. Sharing photos without credit gives no one exposure or advertising and just serves to discourage the photographers, models and designers who are putting so much time and effort into making great photos. All you’re doing is using their good work to draw more attention to yourself.

PS. I just wanted to note that Latex Catfish does not pay me for my work with them. I help @shinycreature with some photos for them, and I think they’re a pretty cool company with so many different designs, good quality work and hard-to-beat prices. Complaining to them about me isn’t going to get me fired because I don’t work for them (which is also why I can’t help you with your order, haha!).

The rainy weather in Vancouver, a bit of a cold and being...
23 January 2018 | 5:42 am

The rainy weather in Vancouver, a bit of a cold and being overworked in general has really not been conducive to tumblr posting and rubber wearing! I haven’t really been in much of a mood lately, but hopefully checking out my past photos will help with that.

The lovely folks from @latexcatfish were kind enough to provide the outfit. My partner who is currently off exploring the birds in Australia took the photo. The my good friends provided the lovely venue in the interior of BC.

I also wanted to take this moment to answer an Anonymous question from long ago about PVC clothing. Unfortunately, I really don’t know anything about PVC clothes and where to get them :(. I don’t really like the feel of it, so I can’t list it as one of my interests. Sorry!

cjros: vincentlycra: Sportsman suit at...
6 January 2018 | 6:16 pm



Sportsman suit at FANTASTICRUBBER

Considering all the tumblr notes that this image already has, it doesn’t seem like the Sportsman suit from Fantastic Rubber needs any more attention than it already has received. Nonetheless, here it is and here I am talking about it.

The Sportsman suit is probably one of the most interesting/unique catsuits in the Fantastic Rubber lineup. The panels in this catsuit are not typical, and a bit odd, but nonetheless eye-catching in an appealing way. At least in my mind, this suit is slightly misnamed and doesn’t inspire thoughts of a sportsman when I see it. The swoops and lines are unlike any design I’ve seen for any sport, and I’ve seen lots of crazy cycling jerseys, triathlon gear, soccer kit, etc. More than anything, the patterns in this suit (and the model’s posture) remind me of a speedy ungulate like the antelope. Antelope are lovely creatures, so this is certainly a positive comparison. 

Anyway, tell me what you think. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you see this outfit?

This is a “See again” Saturday post for @apaaps who wanted me to showcase some more of the awesome catsuit designs by Fantastic Rubber. I stand by what I’ve said about them in the past. The panels in the design are pleasing to the eye, and indicative of a style that I would say is distinctly “Fantastic Rubber”. The matching shoes are a big bonus too! 

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