Episode 166 – Dan Savage Part 1

Our resident sex advice podcaster and columnist and fellow kinkster Dan Savage returns to share his insight and funny thoughts on a variety of topics. He even answers some of the letters our listeners sent to the crew, all from the top of his head. He has a hard time concentrating when handed the controls […]

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Episode 165 – Mistress Fyre

Mistress Pixie Fyre joins us from down the road in Portland. She is the head of a house of herself and slaves, subs, and pups. She is also planning to open a new café in Portland that will include dungeon and play spaces as well as D/s protocol interwoven into the business, along with educational […]

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Episode 164 – A Transman Walks into a Leather Bar…

Our transgendered brothers are fierce! Have you ever seen one of them wield a whip or a strop? Don’t mess with ’em! But they’re also just as kind-hearted and fun to be around. And they add so much to the tapestry of kinky gay life. Mitch and Jonas join us to talk about being a […]

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Episode 163 – To Sir with Love

Yesterday, we lost a dear friend and member of our family when Sir Alan Penrod passed away suddenly. He was a friendly sexy leatherman who gave much of himself to the leather community, both in Atlanta and abroad. Our hearts go out to his family, Nitro and David. Godspeed, Sir Alan.

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Episode 162 – I Could Give a Fuck Part 1

My little black swans! You will all get this. We welcome back Allena to the podcast. She opens up with us about a topic that is very personal. And she shows us how we can deal with serious life-changing events with our kink friends. Show Notes Douchepickle of the Week Y’all Qaeda In the News […]

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Ungagged Episode 06 – One Notch Tighter

Bondage. Bondage, bondage, bondage. Whoops. Dick’s getting hard now. Yeah, so that’s why I enjoy doing it. Very horny. On this episode of Ungagged, the puppies talk about bondage. From the sub-getting-tied-up-perspective, naturally. So strap yourselves in, it’s going to be a cozy fun ride. Show Notes Topics Why do we like bondage? (Hint: It involves […]

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Episode 161 – Into Older? It Depends.

The gay community struggles with the issue of age. There are a lot of guys who have strict age limits on the men they will socialize with and the guys they’ll have sex or play with. Others of us will often make snap judgments based on the age listed in a man’s profile online. Some […]

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Episode 160 – Bondage to the Max! Part 2

We had such a great time talking with Max that we had to do a second show! We talked a lot more about kink and BDSM. Now, we are just going to jump right into it without a bunch of show notes for two reasons. One is that, hey its the second part! Didn’t we […]

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Episode 159 – Bondage to the Max! Part 1

Chug your Red Bull’s and grab your Go Pro’s – the NoSafeWord show is talking bondage to the extreme!  Special guest Max the Bondage Instructor talks with Sparky and Daddy Tony all about bondage and the classes he teaches. Daddy Tony introduces a new segment called ‘DouchePickle of the Fucking Week’ – a new segment […]

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Ep 5 – Just One More Inch

Ha! You thought this episode was going to be about dick size, didn’t you? From the title, there. Nope! This one’s all about … butt play! Brutus and Mikey talk with Ansel about the basics of ass play. Oh, and prehensile penises. Show Notes Games Would You Rather? Word Association Topics Levels of anal play Preparation […]

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