Episode 77 – DIY Part 2

Here we have part 2 of our Do It Yourself episode with DrewLion. We take the time to talk about some of the things you need to consider when you are working on your own projects. For this episode we specifically talk about wood working and leather working projects. It was a fascinating discussion and […]

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Episode 76 – DIY Part 1

For this episode, we welcome back our good friend Drewlion.  We learned that he likes to “repurpose” common household items back in Episodes 58 and 59.  He also likes to make his own toys from scratch. He’s a kinky fucker with a wickedly creative mind; that’s why we like him. (Well, I like him for […]

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Episode 75 – Drubskin

Seeing Drubskin’s work around the net and in the playroom’s of our friends raised the idea that we should talk to him about his art. After all we haven’t had an artist on the show yet, and we couldn’t think of a better person to make a start. If you go Drub’s website, which is […]

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Episode 74 – Anniversary Clip Show

It is hard to believe but… THE NOSAFEWORD PODCAST IS ONE YEAR OLD! It was a year ago that we started putting out our show, and we have been having so much fun with it. In fact, we thought we would share some of the fun we have before we even start the show. What […]

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Episode 73 – Rubbout

For this show, Reid and Rob tell us all about Rubbout, which is up in Vancouver, BC, ya. There are a few new things they have in store for us this year, and the guys tell us all about them.  Rubbout is a great time, and you can listen to the shows we did before […]

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Episode 72 – CBT Part 2

In our last episode, we talked about some of the unsexy aspects of cock and ball torture.  In part 2 of our discussion, VisibleRestraint walks us through the various types of CBT and how to make it fun and get guys off. Show Notes Discussion Topics Types of CBT Popping a guy’s CBT cherry Questions […]

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Episode 71 – CBT Part 1

Welcome to Jr. High School Biology class. Today we’re going to learn about penises, testicles, and scrotums. And how to stimulate or make these things hurt. Our teacher is VisibleRestraint, and he’s going to teach us about anatomy and some of the injuries you boys can get when you do things too roughly. This is […]

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Episode 70 – Puppy Stryker

We received a letter from a listener asking some questions about having a family and maintaining a kink life, as that is exactly where he is at the moment. For every episode of the show that is targeted to a specific topic we try to find someone that can speak to subject with some sort […]

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Interview with a Handler

In the last post, I interviewed my handler, Kevin, about the ins-and-outs (both physically and mentally ;D) of establishing and nurturing a puppy/handler relationship and we put out the word that we’d be happy to answer any questions from those seeking more detail or simply want us to address a topic that wasn’t covered in […]

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Conversing with Demons

So today I work up and decided to check in the internets for the latest, when I find a new friend request on my Facebook profile. It was from someone I had never met before, a guy named Brian Kusiak. First I noticed the sub-head said “boy Bryan”, but looking through his past posts I […]

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