Episode 01 – Starting It All

Episode 1 of the NoSafeWord Podcast is now live, and we couldn’t be more excited to begin this show to share with you all. We are so looking forward to having conversations with all the kinksters out there, from the most green newbie to the elders of our community, and everyone in between. We want […]

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MAL Hypno – The Final Installment

This post is part 1 of 3 in the series MAL – Hypno Bondage.      So, there is a final piece to the Hypno story that I haven’t shared yet. My willingness to write up play sessions lately has been a little diminished due to a hectic schedule, but this particular encounter is stuck […]

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Safety – Research Your Top

From time to time, you will notice people will indicate in their profile something along the lines of, “I only add friends to my buddy list if I met you in person.” Now to some extent this comes from not wanting to get a bunch of people in the friends list you don’t know (excluding […]

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Another day of sad news…

Today, I came home to find some messages to letting me know about a friend who passed away yesterday. Out of respect for his partner, for his family, and for the fact that I am only just hearing about this now, I choose not identify who has passed. He was a friend from Europe that I […]

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No Safe Word?

Over the course of the last several months, as I get more and more followers to the blog (thank you to you all, BTW, I appreciate you all!) I have received several questions regarding the name of the blog. No Safe Word The question is always along the line of; I am assume you don’t […]

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Sock Powder

I need to credit my former boyfriend, Oneill67 for this one, but I have run into so many people who have loved how I prep my rubber that I thought it would be a good idea to share here. Some people always use lube for the inside of their rubber gear, and some use talc […]

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MAL – Hypno Bondage – Part 2

This post is part 2 of 3 in the series MAL – Hypno Bondage.For those that didn’t catch it the previous post, you can catch up to the story here. After dinner I met up in the lobby Neil once again, his buddy MDW (of fame from his blog, he just recently posted about this […]

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MAL – Hypno Bondage

This post is part 1 of 3 in the series MAL – Hypno Bondage.      For weeks leading up to MAL I have been chatting with a man from NYC who is into erotic hypnosis and hypnotic bondage. I had heard of Neil the Erotic Hypnotist based on the recommendations of some friends. I […]

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MAL Condensed Report

Number of loads I had: 5 Number of orgasms I had: Lost track! (will explain in future posts why they are different) Number of boys I made out with: 11 (no shit! It really was 11! Whew) Number of hot guys spotted: They all wouldn’t sit still long enough to count Number of puppies I […]

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Wrapping up MAL

Hey there all I am at my friend’s house, with a smaller group of us sitting around enjoying each other’s company after a weekend of craziness (some are still playing, some are sleeping it off!) so I decided to sneak away for a few moments to write down some thoughts about this weekend. MAL has […]

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