Episode 181 – We stand with Orlando

We here at the NoSafeWord Podcast decided that we would deviate from our normal format for the show in light of the horrific tragedy that happened in Orlando last night. The entire LGBT community today was the victim of terror, and the Orlando community itself is dealing with the terrible aftermath of this unconscionable act. […]

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Episode 180 – Like a Fine Wine…

Our good friend Kinkidiver is back and here to talk about how sometimes experience, knowledge, and history can be some of the sexiest features you’ll ever find in a guy, especially when it comes to BDSM!  Sparky, Daddy Tony, and Jeff tackle the topics of agism, what older gentlemen have to offer, and why being […]

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Episode 178 – Kinky Boots

Daddy Tony and Sparky talk with Pup Jimmy all about erotic bootblacking!  Ever wondered what goes on inside a bootblacker’s brain?  We ask Pup Jimmy all about his approach to all things boots, from licking to caring for them.  Ever wondered how much to tip a bootblack?  What you can expect when you go for […]

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Ungagged Episode 11 – Doms and Daddy’s and Bears Oh My

The puppies are back! Stand back, kids, cause things are about ready to get crazy! Show Notes Topics Today’s game: Would you Rather? – Time to find out what horrible choices the puppies would make! Daddy Hunting – How do you find a daddy? Protocol and setting boundaries Mikey is a Wuss! (that’s on the internet […]

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Episode 177 – Bday Puppies

Show Notes In the News None of my yearbooks where this exciting If your neighbors are rocking, don’t start knocking CLAW is full of sexual perversion and fisting. So wish we were there. Topics Newly Weds – 2016 edition! I’m not even sure what a buddy bar is… Brutus wants it noted that these were […]

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Episode 176 – In the News

Summary and notes of show Show Notes In the News Gooey Monkey Gays are like Canibbals  Topics Hypnosis files back on Fox this fall. Besides being the Zodiac Killer, Ted Cruz has a tiny penis. NAMBLA Pre-School might be a bad branding idea. Woe to the man who transgenders public restrooms. Because apparently transgender is […]

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Episode 175 – Pup Identity

Douchepickle of the week: AFA – skidmarks, assholes, soccer mom’s – oh my!  Daddy goes a bit dark on the feelings he has about the American Family Association and gender-neutral bathrooms. Summary and notes of show Show Notes In the News He has a Mountie fetish… Three Insights About Kink and Non-Monogamous Sex Creepy Satanist […]

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Ungagged Episode 10 – Male Bag

Time to hit the male (hehe, get it!?!) bag for letters from our listeners. We love when we hear from our listeners, sharing their experiences and asking questions that we can talk about. So keep them coming! Also, OMG 10 Episodes! This is the last time we can say “Dis Many” and shove our paws […]

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Episode 174 – Guy Pierced

Have you ever thought about poking holes in your body? We talk with a guy who has 26 piercings (and he used to have more). So everything you wanted to know about having parts of your body pierced with shiny jewelry, you can learn about on this episode of the NoSafeWord Show. Show Notes In […]

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Episode 173 – Watts in a Name

There are several other people around who have podcasts and video channels. And sometimes they get newspaper articles written about them. Or one podcast will talk about the others. Like NoSafeWord. Talking about Watts the Safeword. Or Defining Marriage. Or The Sewers of Paris. You got it! We’re talking with Pup Bolt and Pup Amp […]

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