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Episode 73 – Rubbout

For this show, Reid and Rob tell us all about Rubbout, which is up in Vancouver, BC, ya. There are a few new things they have in store for us this year, and the guys tell us all about them.  Rubbout is a great time, and you can listen to the shows we did before […]

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Episode 72 – CBT Part 2

In our last episode, we talked about some of the unsexy aspects of cock and ball torture.  In part 2 of our discussion, VisibleRestraint walks us through the various types of CBT and how to make it fun and get guys off. Show Notes Discussion Topics Types of CBT Popping a guy’s CBT cherry Questions […]

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Episode 71 – CBT Part 1

Welcome to Jr. High School Biology class. Today we’re going to learn about penises, testicles, and scrotums. And how to stimulate or make these things hurt. Our teacher is VisibleRestraint, and he’s going to teach us about anatomy and some of the injuries you boys can get when you do things too roughly. This is […]

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Episode 70 – Puppy Stryker

We received a letter from a listener asking some questions about having a family and maintaining a kink life, as that is exactly where he is at the moment. For every episode of the show that is targeted to a specific topic we try to find someone that can speak to subject with some sort […]

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Episode 69 – Fenn

One of the primary goals of our show is not only to bring on experts about kink, but to also highlight individuals within our community. By learning about each other, where we come from and where we are going, we grow and get better in our kinks. Having Fenn on the show is another chance […]

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Episode 68 – Prepping for PrEP

No matter if you are living with HIV or not, know someone who is living with, or if you are just getting started in kink, no matter where you are on the spectrum if you are listening to this show you are likely in the target group that needs to know the latest about HIV […]

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Episode 67 – Young Guns Part 2

For this episode we continue our conversation with Erick and Christopher from San Francisco. Be sure to check out Episode 66 to hear the first part of this. For this one we learn more about Erick and Christopher themselves. Where they came from, how they got into kink, and how they met each other. We […]

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Episode 66 – Young Guns Part 1

Some friends of Daddy Tony’s were in town, visiting from San Francisco, and we thought this was a great opportunity to talk with them. Erick and Christopher have been together for a few years, and have been working in their community with the Young Leathermen’s Discussion Group (TYLG). We took the time to talk with […]

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Episode 65 – Pup Razz

Part of our goal here at NoSafeWord is to explore all the different avenues of kink that are out there. Recently one of the supporters of our show, Nightcat, referred to us a female pup from the Portland area. She is a relatively new kinkster herself, into puppy play and now the president of the […]

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Episode 64 – Polyamory Part 2

We continue on with our discussion from Episode 63 on Polyamory with Allena! This time we get even more in depth with our discussion, and I think there is something here for everyone to enjoy and learn. Thank you Allena for joining! Show Notes Discussion Topics Are there fixed rules for doing polyamory? What are […]

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Episode 63 – Polyamory Part 1

We are very excited to bring this episode to you all. Not only because it is a great to have Allena back with us (listen to her on Episode 31), because we love her! It is because the subject of polyamory is such a lively discussion. In between our usual antics, we spend a lot […]

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Episode 62 – BC

While talking with Pup Nitro (first appeared on Episode 10) we learned he has done some presentations at events about Breath Control, and we thought this was the perfect time to talk about this subject. For some, breath control is the biggest turn on. For others it is the scariest thing that can be done […]

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Episode 61 – Dreadfire

For this episode we have on our old roommate, Dreadfire. He was back in town for visiting the family and we wanted to take the time to pick his brain. There is a great deal of info we can learn from someone that moved from Seattle to the gay kink mecca known as Chicago. What […]

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Episode 60 – Kink Porn

Christian asked us if we would ever have a porn star on the show, and we thought, Why NOT! We want to talk to everyone in our kink world and get all the perspectives that are out there, and this was a great way to get the story of what it is like to be […]

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