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Episode 34 – Year In Chastity

Back when Dreadfire was still our roommate, a few months ago, his boyfriend from Chicago came to visit. Smarmaduke, or Aaron, might be best known for his blog (archived here) where he to chronicled being in chastity for an entire year! And after all that, he still wanted more… if you are a big fan […]

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Episode 33 – Phil’s Flank Steak

For this episode, which was the second one we ever recorded, we had on our friend Phil from Philadelphia, otherwise known as Rugbylthr! He was in town visiting family and we hadn’t seen him in a while, so what more perfect timing could we have in order to talk a friend into letting us ask […]

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Episode 32 – Daddies Talking Daddies

Back when we first started planning the NoSafeWord show we made the decision to work on creating the website, designing the logos and setting up our social media outlets while at the same time recording some episodes that were not for immediate release. We didn’t have the mechanism to push out the episodes at the […]

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Episode 31 – Center for Sex Positive Culture

In our last show before our summer break, we wanted to have a discussion the fabulous Allena from the Center for Sex Positive Culture! She was one of the judges for the Best In Show event held by Seattle Pups and Handlers, SEA-PAH where we met her, and several people said, “You’ve got to have Allena […]

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Episode 30 – NuckPup

We have been seeing and following the crazy world of NuckPup for a while now. This guy has a lot on his plate, with a devoted partner to a job that keeps him busy, local play, and now a puppy of his own as well. His partner is also his sub, though wasn’t necessarily always […]

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Episode 29 – Tyesha and Hobbit, Part 2

After the great episode we had with Tyesha and Hobbit (see Part 1) we just had to continue on with the conversation in a part 2 episode. This one we decided to take up some topics regarding gender and gender identity. The energy of this episode was amazing for both of us, having both a […]

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Episode 28 – Tyesha and Hobbit, Part 1

We met up with Tyesha and Hobbit during the rehearsals of the recent Best in Show event put on by SEA-PAH. We had such a great time getting to know them that night that we had decided that they needed to be on the show! This was a wild time, where we cover a bit […]

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Episode 27 – Spanking

A listener sent in a letter regarding some questions about spanking (see below) that inspired us to talk about spanking for a few minutes. We invited on Boy Trav to talk about his experiences. Like many episodes, it really felt like there was so much more we could talk about, but we still cover quite […]

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Episode 26 – ABDL

Over Memorial weekend, Sparky’s boy moved in to the house, beginning a new step in the relationship between Boy Trav and his Daddy.  We have been excited to do a show about one of the big kinks Trav has had in his life, that being an ABDL (Adult Baby/Diaper Lover). We try to take a […]

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Episode 25 – Serious Bondage

Anyone that is a fan of Serious Male Bondage will remember seeing our own Daddy Tony and Mikey playing in several scenes on the site. They have been friends with the team over at Serious Bondage for a few years now. When Dalton and Obsidian decided to stop in Seattle on the first leg of […]

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Episode 24 – Balancing a Kink Life

You will have to check out the letter below, a letter from a listener asking us about how we keep a balance of our kink life with our normal lives, so we take a few moments to explain how we keep the balance in our lives, and sometimes when we don’t. This is a personal […]

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Episode 23 – Twisted Monk

A couple of years ago, Sparky got some Twisted Monk rope from his partner Damien for Christmas, and that is the only rope we have used since then. It is high quality rope that we absolutely love to use for all kinds of scenes. One of the great parts of being in Seattle is that […]

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Episode 22 – Kinky Health Questions

The last episode we focused on STI’s and HIV, but we had a number of listeners send in general health questions. We are really excited to bring you this information, which is varied and very interesting. Karen was great on the mic and we are so grateful that she joined us for the show. And […]

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Episode 21 – Spreading (the word about) STDs

Thanks to a listener suggestion, we pulled together some experts on STI’s. Turns out we had two readily available to us. First is a good friend of TJ (listen to him and Brett on Episode 9) who is a local N.P. specializing in Infectious Disease and HIV. Karen Dykes (yes that is her name!) in […]

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