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Episode 45 – A Shot in the Dart

This week we have the honor of being joined by none other than Sir Dart of Dart’s Domain. From the beginning of this podcast we had hoped to get certain people on the show because we love and respect their work, and Dart was at the top of that list! We talk about numerous things, […]

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Episode 44 – American Savage, Part 2

This is the second part to our fun interview with Dan Savage. Make sure to listen to Part 1 if you haven’t yet! In this episode we take some listener questions for Dan on all manner of topics. It was a great time, and we want to thank Dan for coming on the show!   […]

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Episode 43 – American Savage, Part 1

When we asked Dan Savage  to join us on the show, we were floored when he said yes! He joined us for our regular Friday night recording to do a 2 hour show. We talked to him about how he first got started with his column as well as his new book! (Find Dan’s Book, […]

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Episode 42 – The Leatherati

Today, we have the cofounders of the kinky blog and news portal, Leatherati. We spend some time talking with them about many of aspects of their lives, including  their long term relationship with each other and the new boys/dogs in their lives. We also talk about their working on Leatherati and why they started it, […]

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Episode 41 – One in the Kink, Two in the Stink

After we recorded our last episode with Neil (See Episodes 6 and 13 and 40) we had decided to do a show where we talk just about kink in general. We talk all the time about kink but we never really have defined it before now. Before the show we asked both our in-studio audience […]

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Episode 40 – You Are Feeling Very Kinky

Neil came to Seattle for a visit, so this was the perfect time to have him on the mic for a show and a follow-up. We posted up a lot of questions to our audience via our twitter account, asking such questions as: If you could ask anything you have wanted to know about hypno, what […]

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Episode 39 – Up Your Folsom!

Nearly every kinkster out there has heard of the big street fair in San Francisco in their days. While I (Sparky) have never been able to go, both Daddy Tony and Mikey have been a part of the events, given they are from SF. Folsom Street Fair and Up Your Alley are events that get […]

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Episode 38 – Slavepup Axel

This pup was in town for the Northwest Puppy Contest recently, where Daddy Tony got a chance to meet him. It seemed like a natural fit to talk with him about his experience as the current International Puppy title holder.  Slavepup Axel is a bouncy pup with a lot of energy, and he is more than […]

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Episode 37 – Daddy Fucking Giggles

Only because it is legal in Washington, Daddy Tony and Sparky decided to imbibe a certain cookie at the beginning of the show to see if we could make it through. We did… sorta. Barely. If you want to understand the name of the show, listen to the end through the credits. A little extra […]

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Episode 36 – Nightcat

Ok, we are just going to have to start out by saying this was a little bit of a wild one for our shows. We were all over the place and covered a lot of stuff, and had a great time doing it! We talk with our friend Nightcat who was also featured on mic […]

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Episode 35 – Listener Letter

In this episode, we had a lot going on! First and foremost, we talked about a letter that was sent in to the show from listener BearPaul. We had actually written about the letter back in a post on the blog, How to Get Over Fear, but on the show we talked about it in […]

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Episode 34 – Year In Chastity

Back when Dreadfire was still our roommate, a few months ago, his boyfriend from Chicago came to visit. Smarmaduke, or Aaron, might be best known for his blog (archived here) where he to chronicled being in chastity for an entire year! And after all that, he still wanted more… if you are a big fan […]

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Episode 33 – Phil’s Flank Steak

For this episode, which was the second one we ever recorded, we had on our friend Phil from Philadelphia, otherwise known as Rugbylthr! He was in town visiting family and we hadn’t seen him in a while, so what more perfect timing could we have in order to talk a friend into letting us ask […]

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Episode 32 – Daddies Talking Daddies

Back when we first started planning the NoSafeWord show we made the decision to work on creating the website, designing the logos and setting up our social media outlets while at the same time recording some episodes that were not for immediate release. We didn’t have the mechanism to push out the episodes at the […]

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