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Episode 27 – Spanking

A listener sent in a letter regarding some questions about spanking (see below) that inspired us to talk about spanking for a few minutes. We invited on Boy Trav to talk about his experiences. Like many episodes, it really felt like there was so much more we could talk about, but we still cover quite […]

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Episode 26 – ABDL

Over Memorial weekend, Sparky’s boy moved in to the house, beginning a new step in the relationship between Boy Trav and his Daddy.  We have been excited to do a show about one of the big kinks Trav has had in his life, that being an ABDL (Adult Baby/Diaper Lover). We try to take a […]

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Episode 25 – Serious Bondage

Anyone that is a fan of Serious Male Bondage will remember seeing our own Daddy Tony and Mikey playing in several scenes on the site. They have been friends with the team over at Serious Bondage for a few years now. When Dalton and Obsidian decided to stop in Seattle on the first leg of […]

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Episode 24 – Balancing a Kink Life

You will have to check out the letter below, a letter from a listener asking us about how we keep a balance of our kink life with our normal lives, so we take a few moments to explain how we keep the balance in our lives, and sometimes when we don’t. This is a personal […]

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Episode 23 – Twisted Monk

A couple of years ago, Sparky got some Twisted Monk rope from his partner Damien for Christmas, and that is the only rope we have used since then. It is high quality rope that we absolutely love to use for all kinds of scenes. One of the great parts of being in Seattle is that […]

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Episode 22 – Kinky Health Questions

The last episode we focused on STI’s and HIV, but we had a number of listeners send in general health questions. We are really excited to bring you this information, which is varied and very interesting. Karen was great on the mic and we are so grateful that she joined us for the show. And […]

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Episode 21 – Spreading (the word about) STDs

Thanks to a listener suggestion, we pulled together some experts on STI’s. Turns out we had two readily available to us. First is a good friend of TJ (listen to him and Brett on Episode 9) who is a local N.P. specializing in Infectious Disease and HIV. Karen Dykes (yes that is her name!) in […]

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Episode 20 – Stomper

Sparky has known Stomper for a very long time, and there has been some sort of connection between the two. The connection has come in many forms, so we explore where it started, where it went, and the surprising turn it took lately. You want a show with everything, this is it. Religion. Sex. Rubber. Bondage. Puppies. […]

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Episode 19 – Pup Topher

For this one, we talk with a long time friend of ours, Pup Topher, who we have referred to on the show as Pup Chris. He is the puppy to Daddy Chuck, who introduced Damien and Sparky to him. He has had quite the journey for coming out and discovering kink, as well as just […]

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Episode 18 – Daddy Jeff, Part 2

For part 2 of this interview we delve into more about the history of creating the local leather group here in Seattle, which I think can be helpful for anyone creating a leather group out there. We also talk about community building and volunteering, what it is like for newbies getting started, and passing down […]

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Episode 17 – Daddy Jeff, Part 1

We have been looking forward to this interview for sometime, and so glad we were able to get Daddy Jeff to come join us! Daddy Jeff has been in the leather BDSM community for years, having started Seattle Men in Leather 25 years ago, and been a part of the kink history in the Pacific […]

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Episode 16 – Furries!

When we were recording Episode 15, we had in the audience a couple of our furry friends, Nightcat and Argi, who both agreed to talk to us about what it is like to be furries. Now in this episode, there are times when we asked questions that may sound like we were coming at an […]

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Episode 15 – Pup Snuggles

We got to spend some time to talk with one of the pups that we all here at NoSafeWord have had the chance to get to know over the years, Pup Snuggles. Not only is he a very cute puppy, he is also one of those people that reaches out to many people across the […]

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Episode 14 – Rubbout Recap

Sparky and Boy Trav got the chance to head to the 22nd Rubbout weekend up in Vancouver BC! It was a great time, and we wanted to share with you some of the adventures we had up there. We do highly recommend you heading on over to Reid’s blog, as he is one of the […]

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