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Episode 159 – Bondage to the Max! Part 1

Chug your Red Bull’s and grab your Go Pro’s – the NoSafeWord show is talking bondage to the extreme!  Special guest Max the Bondage Instructor talks with Sparky and Daddy Tony all about bondage and the classes he teaches.

Daddy Tony introduces a new segment called ‘DouchePickle of the Fucking Week’ – a new segment where Daddy gets to unload on a new person that really gets him pissed off!  This weeks rant: Donald Trump!

Audience members: Damien!  Bndgkid!  Brutus and Ansel!

Show Notes

Listener letter on how to find kink resources in a small town.
* Playing with guys and girls – sexual and non
* Play parties – different types and gay vs straight


About Our Guests

Max has been active in Seattle’s kink community since 1992 and has been teaching bondage, BDSM, and polyamory workshops since 1999. He’s actively and successfully polyamorous and has several wonderful partners.

While he is proficient with a wide range of BDSM skills, Max especially enjoys the intimacy of rope bondage and the intensity of the singletail. Max projects a gentle, dominant energy, and all of his relationships – and most of his scenes – include a substantial D/S component.

Max’s love of teaching shines through his workshops, and his love for people informs his personal encounters.

Private instruction and coaching  Max offers private instruction and coaching on a wide variety of BDSM technique, to include bondage, scene planning and management, d/s relationships, impact toys, and piercing.

Conventions  Max has presented at leather and kink conventions around the country to include Living in Leather (LIL), Thunder in the Mountains, the 2004 Tribal Instincts Rope Retreat, Atlanta Bound, the Folsom Fringe, Denver Bound, KinkFest, BodyBound, Paradise, Bound in Boston, Shibaricon, and the Fetish Flea.

Events  Max has taught at events sponsored by the Stranger, Babeland, Seattle Men in Leather, Seattle’s Center for Sex Positive Culture, the Triskeli Guild, Suspended Animation and many other kink and sex-positive groups.

Other appearances  Max has rigged for photo and film shoots, done live performance art pieces, and exhibited at both of James Mogul’s ArtBound events in 2000. He donates his services to several charity / fund raising events each year to include tastings sponsored by the Foundation for Sex Positive Culture and Teri Ciacchi’s Kinky Carnival fundraiser.

Bondage Workshop Series  Max serves as producer / chief instructor for Seattle’s monthly “Bondage Workshop Series”, which has run continuously since 2003.

Two-Day Bondage Intensives  Twice each year Max offers a special Bondage Intensive, providing two full days of focused instruction, from the basics through suspension bondage. Max has been teaching the Bondage Intensive since 2005 and graduated his 16th class in March 2014.

More about Max  Max’s website (www.BondageLessons.com) has the most up to date information about his workshops and events.  You can also follow Max on FetLife (Max_BLC), Twitter (MaxRCameron) or Facebook (MaxRCameron)


Mr. S Leather Co.

This episode sponsored by: Mr. S Leather. For this episode we feature the Chest to Wrist Restraints – New Style!

chest to wrist restraint

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Episode 152 – ToyTorture

In this show we interview ToyTorture, a fun kinkster from Kink Heav– I mean Germany! We talk about his life experience growing up kinky and how he started his toy review website ToyTorture.com. We compare the differences in the various kink-cultures he’s gotten to experience and the expansion of kink culture.

Show Notes


About Our Guest

Growing up in a rural area of the coast of nothern Germany Frederik was kinky dirty boy before he even knew the word “sex”. Once he discovered the internet he was soon all over the (porn) place. Being a shy and introverted yet happy pig who is willing to try everything at least twice he is almost always open for a good discussion about BDSM history and theory, play scenes and snuggles.

To let others participate on his quest of finding the best toys for great scenes and to give something back to the community, he started ToyTorture.com in 2012 a website focusing on reviewing BDSM toys and helping new people into the sometimes overwhelmingly complex world of BDSM. Through his website he got to know our own Drew Lion who he started off on his “real” journey into kink on a trip to San Francisco.

When he is not working (for his website) or is looking for love in all the wrong places he enjoys going to the gym, reading, playing PC and table top RPGs and way too much baking cakes. You can follow his kinky live on Recon, PlanetRomeo, Twitter and of course ToyTorture.com.


Mr. S Leather Co.

This episode sponsored by: Mr. S Leather. For this episode we feature the Double Strap Suspender Harness.


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Episode 150 – So Fucked Up

In this show we had a few things to catch up on. We wanted to clear the air after last show’s rant on the listener letter. There was an important point that we need to at least empathize with each other and support each other, something one particular listener apparently can’t grasp. We also wanted to share why we didn’t do a show last week. And finally we do a big wrap up of Camp K9 that everyone attended, which is a fun event held by SEA-PAH.

Show Notes



Mr. S Leather Co.

This episode sponsored by: Mr. S Leather. For this episode we feature the Silicone E-stim Vibe.


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Episode 120 – Playing Without a Playspace

Hey all, for this show we talked about some of the challenges and stories around doing some playing without a playroom. There are those times when you are trying to do some serious BDSM lay in the woods, or in a hotel room, it can always be more challenging than having your own play space made for it. We also talk about the ways in which we had to create playspaces in apartments where noise, cleanliness and not being able to build into the structure all present challenges to work through!

We talk about it in the only way we know, with a bunch of nutty talk!

Show Notes


In the News


Mr. S Leather Co.

This episode sponsored by: Mr. S Leather. For this episode we feature the Flat Fuck Sheet.


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Leatherati Woof Series

Have you been paying attention to the Woof Series that has been on Leatherati.com? If not, you should.

Dear friend of the show and past guest, Tyesha, has been collecting a lot of great info from pups and handlers from all over. There is a lot of great info here for anyone into pup play, be sure to check them out! Hopefully you even like the one I did about headspace.



Series Intro, by Tyesha Best



Pup Headspace, by Sparky






A Rose By Any Other Name, by Ryan Carpenter



She-Wolf, by Girl Amelia Horo



International Puppy



Being A Handler, by Sir Loki







pup Spotlight-Cosmo Jetson, by Cosmo Jetson



Oh Canada! Welcome VAN-PAH!, by Pup Figaro



Titleholder Profile-Pup Figaro, by Pup Figaro



On Being An Anxious Pup, by Piper



The Golden State! Welcome the San Francisco K-9 Unit!, by Richard Sprott



How I Learned To Walk on All Fours, by Pup Zombie



Welcome the Mid-Atlantic Kennel Korps!, by pup Tripp



Houston! Welcome Houston Pups & Handlers, by Pup Spot



Welcome Bayou City Pups!, by Pup Tank



Midwest Puppy Contest, by Papa Woof Roth



Meet Me in St Louis with Saint Louis Puppy Patrol!, by Papa Woof Roth



pup & Handler Spotlight-Papa Woof & pup Boo, by Christopher “Papa Woof” Roth & Tron “Puppy Boo” Carner



pup Spotlight- pup Mischief, by Pup Mischief



Welcome to Oregon! PDX-PAH!, by Sir Pup Erin Matteo Achilles


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Episode 98 – Live at SEBB

We were invited by the producers of the Southeast Black and Blue event in Atlanta to come down for a fun live show. Both Daddy Tony and Sparky were asked to do some classes; Daddy Tony did a demo class on flogging and another on building a toy bag on a budget, while Sparky lead a discussion about boy headspace and later a class on CBT (with Mikey  as the stunt bottom).

Then in the afternoon we setup our mobile studio, invited the attendees to join us on the dance floor of the Atlanta for a live recording of the show, which was a great deal of fun! You have to check this out to see about the crazy hijinx we got up to. Also, be sure to check out the pics of the Human Candelabra that Sir Alan did while we are recording the show; we retweeted the pic on our twitter account.

We want to thank the awesome team that put together this event and invited us down: Sir Alan (@IntlLthrSir2011), Pup Nitro (@IntlLthrboy2011), Sir Loki (@Atlloki), boy david, and Dale. You all are awesome!

We made mention of a listener who has a crowd funding for a line of puppy related clothing, called the Dogs BolloXX Fashion Line. Be sure to check out the site at www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-dogs-bolloxx-fashion-line


Show Notes

In the News

Discussion Topics

We talking with Sir Alan, producer of the Southeast Black and Blue weekend. We also got a chance to talk to Tank, who is the current American Leather Boy 14. We chat with Sir Search, who is a listener of the show who shared a very personal moment on the show. And we discuss safewords for a moment!



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Community dealing with loss

Below are two announcements of fairly recent losses within our local community. We here at NoSafeWord have struggled with how to properly express ourselves on the show anytime there is a loss of of fellow kinkster.

For the first, Bill Parkin is a member of the community with whom I have met but had little chance to get to know personally. I have, however, seen the impact he has had on the community because of several people who have spoke highly of him. He should be celebrated for his contributions and efforts, that is a given; but more importantly we should celebrate how many lives he managed to touch and help lift up. Good journey Bill.

The second loss, Pup Phoenix, is far more difficult to discuss, especially on a comedy podcast. When the loss is of someone so young, so sudden, so unexpected, it is that much more difficult to feel like we do justice to celebrating who he was and creating a proper memorial. Questions surrounding the manner of how he passed and why jump to the front of our minds, naturally; but necessity of decorum out-weighs the need to know, even when the motivation is to try to find some way to use the tragic death as a way to start a conversation about preventing further losses.

In the end we chose not to tackle the subject on the air… for now. Rather than using specific examples we hope to one day, in the future, to find a way to talk about loss and how we can deal with it, or perhaps prevent further losses when possible.

Until then, we hope everyone will take a moment to remember and wish them well to where ever their next journey takes them.


For those of you who have not heard, the Seattle Leather community has recently lost two important titleholders. Bill Parkin, most recently Seattle Leather Granddad 2011, passed away on Friday, 20 June and Pup Phoenix, Seattle Daddy’s Boy 2014, unexpectedly passed away this Monday, 7 July.

Bill “Ma” Parkin was truly one of the founding members of the Northwest Leather Community. For many people, “Bill Parkin’s Home For Wayward Boys” was where they learned and grew into the Leather lifestyle. He would open his house for many, providing them with a safe and stable place to grow personally and professionally. Over the course of decades of involvement with the Seattle Leather community, he helped mentor many of the individuals we now see as leaders. In addition to building the Leather community, he also helped establish the Seattle LGBT bowling leagues that are still popular today. We will remember him for his brilliant blue eyes, sparkling smile and quick wit; we will forgive him for his habit of salting his beer.

Phoenix was an enthusiastic member of and contributor to the Northwest Leather Community. He competed in last year’s Northwest Puppy Contest as well as winning the Seattle Daddy’s Boy 2014 title. As part of his title year activities, he co-hosted the annual Chili Feed, lead the Leather and Kink contingent in this year’s Pride Parade, and most recently, represented SML at TRC’s Black Forest Party. Most of all, we will remember him for his contagious smile, energy and his efforts to include all of his Leather brothers and sisters in the community.

Sunday, there will be a series of events to remember both Bill and Phoenix. People will be gathering from 10AM-1PM at West Seattle Bowl, for a celebratory “Sunday Gay Bowling” to remember Bill. At 2:00PM, there will be a Celebration of Life for both Bill and Phoenix at the Cuff, including memorabilia from both individual’s lives. Please come in gear to honor and remember both Bill’s and Phoenix’s contributions to the Leather Community, as well as bring stories and memories of both of them. Per Bill’s wishes, there will be no speeches or eulogies.

Yours in Leather,

Mark Handel, on behalf of the Seattle Men in Leather Board

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NoSafeWord is on vacation this week

Hey all! For this 4th of July weekend the crew is taking some time off to rest up and get ready for some crazy fun shows this summer. There will be no show posted this week.

Love you all! Stay safe out there.

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Episode 92 – PRIDE

This is a very special episode of the NoSafeWord show. We recorded this live from the pride parade! Well… live to tape at least.

We don’t have the ads like we normally do, or the interviews. No news stories or all that make. Just the two of us in the back of a truck, rolling down the street and talking about whatever, pulling a trailer full of puppies.

Our lives… DOES NOT SUCK!

During the parade we handed out a thousand condom packets containing our business cards and the cards for SEA-PAH, as well as a piece of candy to sweeten things up. Turns out we got the packets all out very early on. OOPS! well, the exposure to the general Seattle community. If you are just checking us out now… welcome!

For the show we focused on experiencing PRIDE and talking about the parade itself, as well as giving out new listeners a taste of some of our recent moments. It was a wild ride and we hope you enjoy it!

We will be back next week for some awesome episodes and interviews, stay tuned!


Pride Parade 01

Pride Parade 02



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The Passing of a Puppy

Last night I learned about a puppy from SEA-PAH that has passed away. His name is Pup Bendi Fraididog, and the puppy community right now is reeling from the loss of their pack brother. Late last night the announcement was made, after a great deal of thought and consideration before doing so, that the death was from an apparent suicide. Little else has been confirmed beyond that, and I would ask that speculation be limited.

It is the sad fact that often when there is a loss within our community that we jump to the assumption that any loss of a kinkster’s life that isn’t immediately explained away is the result of self play gone wrong. It has happened so many times that we have become conditioned to follow that line of thought, but it would appear that this particular loss is one far more tragic.

For those that new Pup Bendi personally the loss will be felt in knowing that his presence will no longer be felt at gatherings and events, moshes and night’s out. The testimonials are going up right now of other pups, some new to their pup lives, some around for a while, talking of who he was and how he the first pup to greet them with a tail wagging and ready to play.

For everyone hearing of news like this we begin to contemplate a great many difficult questions that often only reside in the back of our minds. We are forced to examine our own mortality, which can be very uncomfortable for most people. We ask why such a thing should happen and what could have been done to prevent it. In fact, that will be asked the most, what could have been done to stop this, especially by his packmates from SEA-PAH.

I have spent little time talking of my own struggles with mental health issues, as I need to work through those in my own time, but I will admit to being close to taking my own life on more than one occasion, many years ago. From my perspective, of being lost in the dark woods of fear and anger and hopelessness, I know that finding a path out that will return to contentment is as much about luck as it is about receiving help, and it is often mostly about self determination to find the will to live.

When you ask yourself was there something I could have done to help prevent this, the answer is both “everything” and “nothing” at the same time. Had you in some way been able to foresee the end of the path for Pup Bendi and chose to try to steer him in a different direction by showing love and support to the best of you ability the chance of successfully preventing what happened may very likely be quite small. The layers of pain and trama that must be built up for a person to reach the decision to take their own life are not easily taken away.

But we must try, nonetheless.

I didn’t know Pup Bendi Fraididog well. I saw him at moshes playing with other pups, and at most I think we did that nod of acknowledgement type of exchange people do rather than ever really talk. I know I scritched his ears a couple of times during the mosh. At my core, despite what people assume about me, I am an intensely shy person. He seemed to be as well in some way, so we never reached out to each other to talk. I can’t help but wonder if I did put aside my own issues of shyness and got to know him maybe something would be different right now.

What folly to believe in the power of one person to make a difference in something so monumental as a pup taking their own life.

But that is where the hope lies, my friends; it is not one person who makes the difference. It is all of us. It is up to all of us, as a community, with love and acceptance, without blame for what has happened, to decide that we will try to find ways for our puppy brothers to feel loved. To feel cared for. To know that there are resources for them when they feel alone or need acceptance, or to work through personal trauma that is embarrassing to have or difficult to put to rest.

At the next gathering of SEA-PAH I am going to try to get to know one person there that I don’t know already. Maybe make a connection I never have before, a connection that for both sides will be helpful in some way in the future. I hope others will do so as well. We can all weave new connections that we never have made before.

And perhaps, by doing so, create a safety net for others to fall into at times when they desperately need it.

I hope we can do that.

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Episode 78 – OinkForMe

For this episode we have on Chris, also known as OinkForMe or Furry Jock, a local male escort. We talk with him about how he got started in this business and why he chose this path for himself. We also talk about the different kinds of services he provides on a regular basis.

The kink world we live in has a wide variety of backgrounds to make up this culture that is sex positive and affirming for all. It was a real pleasure to hear his approach for himself to make his chosen career and for the clients that he works with.

You have to check this one out!


Show Notes

In the News


About Our Guest

The best way to tell you about him is to share the words he uses to describe himself: “Handsome, furry, built, and well educated with a background in sociology. I am very discrete, easy going and down to earth kinda guy. I am very passionate and love to kiss. Kinky or vanilla I enjoy men of all ages and sizes for sweaty good times. I have a wide array of gear and clothing for any scene you might be interested in. I am an excellent fisting top for those that are interested with small collapsable hands perfect for beginners or seasoned fisters. I also give a great prostate massage. I guarantee by the end of our time together you will be satisfied. My private gallery password is oinkforme. STD-free and HIV- (monthly tested). Privacy and discretion guaranteed. Exploring your sexuality is as exciting as it is scary so if you have any questions please feel free to message me.” Find him on Rentboy.com by going to the link HERE, or on Daddy’s Reviews HERE .


This episode sponsored by: Mr. S Leather. For this episode we feature the Neoprene Breath Control Hood.

NEO524 (3)_new


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Episode 74 – Anniversary Clip Show

It is hard to believe but…


It was a year ago that we started putting out our show, and we have been having so much fun with it. In fact, we thought we would share some of the fun we have before we even start the show.

What you are going to hear in this episode are a series of clips from the sound check before the show starts. There is a lot of work to be done to be ready to start the show, so sometimes we just chat away. And of course since we are in front of the mic we hit the record button.

All of these clips are previously unheard except those of us in the studio. And this was just from the first 10 episodes. If you all like this one we will do more in the future, just let us know!

Hope you enjoy!







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Conversing with Demons

So today I work up and decided to check in the internets for the latest, when I find a new friend request on my Facebook profile. It was from someone I had never met before, a guy named Brian Kusiak. First I noticed the sub-head said “boy Bryan”, but looking through his past posts I found nothing but religious fravings well above the normal of the people who claim to follow the teachings of Jesus.

It would seem this poor boy found a picture a few months back with what he thinks is a demon positioned between two bears, which he makes reference to numerous times as the reasoning for him deciding to not be gay. Like an ex-smoker who becomes the biggest smoking nazi, this guy raves against homos in a condescending way that seems to be the most common gift God bestows on his followers.

I couldn’t help myself and decided to respond to his “friend request” to see where it would go.


Sparky: Can I ask why it is that you sent a friend request to me?

Brian Kusiak: Just wanted to SIR, you don’t have to accepted [sic] it, just wanted to send a friend request to you SIR. YES SIR.

Sparky: Something tells me that your use of the word “Sir” is disingenuous at best.

Brian Kusiak: Just being honest with you SIR, i used the word SIR out of respect.

Sparky: That seems at odds with your recent posts.

Brian Kusiak: Love showing others respect. My recent post is ALL about the TRUTH.

Sparky: As you see it

Brian Kusiak: I do not hold back or hide. I am out there in front of people just sharing the truth, if they do not want to hear it, that is their own lost [sic] and not mind [sic]. Everyone is entitled to their showing and telling the truth. I tell them the truth in a very very bold way. Yes it can be rush at times, but have to or otherwise nobody will ever listen.

Sparky: And the benefit of people listening is?

Brian Kusiak: At lest they heard the truth and that it all it matters. The benefit is at least they heard the truth and I just planted a nice seed in them and they seed with bloom into a nice flower. Is one of these seeds the accusation of being infected with demons and living a life as one chooses to be evil. It is a nice seed to warn the leather community

Sparky: I find you to be disingenuous, to yourself and how you represent yourself. Calling me “Sir” the way you do; it is mocking, and a tool for being able to receive self gratification from what you believe to be the lords work, with little understanding of the origins of the teachings you are professing. You should read Proverbs 6:16-19. I choose to live my life truthfully and be who I am. Nothing about my life is prescribed within that passage, can you really say the same, if you look deeply within your heart.

Brian Kusiak: It just the truth. But God said you can’t make aggrements with him. Which is why its wrong. Because you are trying to make a deal with him saying well if I do this and do that for you can I still live the gay life style, but those are deals and works. 

Sparky: The most spiritual, moral, caring, loving, giving and supportive people I know are in the leather and kinky life.

Brian Kusiak: God wants us to fully repent from that and trust his word which I used to had a hard time with it. Thinking you both can still have sex with the same sex and Glorfied him. But you can’t serve two masters what so ever and you must choose. YOu want it both ways but sorry that can’t happen with the Lord. Either service him fully or not. Its in his word. YOu may think that they are all nice and caring and I used to see that too, but when they are back bitters and hater of GOd, going around and gossip behind peoples back, that is wrong and all itsself. 

Sparky: I have been to church all my life, and never felt that love and acceptance. I think that is what gets under the skin of religious people. We are living the ideals of what Jesus professed far better than you can hope to understand

Brian Kusiak: I used to do the same things like that all the time, but when I saw a Homosexual demon spirit during sexual intercourse, that is where I had to run away from that life style

Sparky: Sounded like you had a bad bottle of poppers

Brian Kusiak: Yes you are right, but you can’t make a deal with God. I used to do poppers too. Evil can be in poppers as well. We live in a spirit relam [sic].

Sparky: I am sure. Evil can be found in anything that others do you don’t agree with.

Brian Kusiak: This is what I saw between to bears which happens to be gay.

Sparky: I see a camera lens that needs to be cleaned

Brian Kusiak: Now that is a very demonic spirit right there. And then there are the excuses comes from those that do not want to see or hear the truth. One of the leather guys saw this and came to Christ. Interesting how the Holy SPirit show him the truth and so sad that you would wish to use your own perceptions to disparage the love between someone else. The Jesus I know wouldn’t be proud of that. But I do not judge others, I just care for them very much so

Sparky: Bullshit.

Brian Kusiak: Jesus loves sinners very much so. But he hates when we sin against him. ANd that includes having sex with the same sex which is forincation [sic].

Sparky: Fornication is awesome. I did it with three different people yesterday!

Brian Kusiak: Anything sexual relations outside of marriage is sin and that includes having sex with the same sex. THe Holy SPirit show me that and I had a very diffacult [sic] time with the truth and hate it, but I was convicted by God and had to trust him and gave up that life style

Sparky: I am married. My husband is sitting next to me

Brian Kusiak: Well good for you

Sparky: And we had a great time with two other people, both of whom I care very much for. I teach them safety, how to take care of themselves, how to be serious when need be, focus on being a good person, and also when let go to enjoy the life they have been given. And then we fucked.

Brian Kusiak: I used to be engaged with a man that I love but had to let him go to follow Christ. 

Sparky: That is too bad. Because Jesus would never have asked you to give that up

Brian Kusiak: I used to believe in same sex marriage but when I found Christ that changed too as well. Oh Yes he did. Because Jesus said what is marriage is. In Matthew he said that marriage is man and woman. No third party or forincation [sic]. But that is what he said and its in the bible. I just go along with his sayings. Because I follow him and I love him so deeply

Sparky: Well, I have to say, this has been so interesting. If I may, I would like to give you a piece of advice. If you don’t have the fortitude to look beyond the words of twisted men who used the bible for their own craven ends, and look to the old texts that said nothing about being gay. If you can’t go that far to be a true student of Christ, fine. But if you going to pretend to be a voice for him, please, for the love of god, learn some spelling and grammar. I would think that the glory of god would be worthy of a little better spelling.

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New Studio Setup!

Last week there was some work done on the studio. This included some new studio equipment that will help make the show easier to produce, but the big news is the new recording station. Before we had a hodge-podge of slapped together  furniture to hold all the gear, but during the show it was very difficult for both Daddy Tony and I to be able to interact with each other, follow the show, have a separate engineer run the show for us so we can concentrate on the show.

All of that led to the conclusion we needed a new working station, so that is what we set out to do. With the help of our friend Slyy, who has been running the board during recent shows, we started working on an extension to the existing bondage table/cage.

All the equipment is inlaid into the new table, and the curved cutouts allow Tony and I to interact during the show in a more natural way. And the engineering of the show is much simpler and easier to accomplish with the equipment readily accessible. And everything is much more organized under the table, with cables managed and easily upgraded.

Now, I have to admit, I am pretty proud and excited about this, but the primary reason why I am sharing is that we all think it is important to show the commitment we have to this show. We love what we are doing, and constantly trying to find new ways to make it better, to make it easier to produce and return a quality product to our listeners.

This isn’t all we have in store, there is a lot more to come!

2014-02-06 10.33 SM



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