Video: Electro Punishment

In a recent post I spoke of the time I came without permission at the hand of my friend Rubberasylum in the midst of a mind fuck on me, set up by Sir (aka BindNlock). i knew i wasn’t allowed, but did walk into the situation hoping for the result i got, and also wasn’t successful in fighting off Rubberasylum’s attempt to get me off (was doing pretty good until the milker came out!).

It was time to take the punishment for cumming without permission.

The leather was very tight, and the hood intense. i was completely immobilized, and while i have been tied up many times, rarely have i felt to completely helpless. the electro was coursing through my entire pelvis area was not only roughing me up but driving me crazy by not letting to get into a deep headspace. I often think the sub headspace is there for us to be able to deal with the complete loss of control and able to endure complete, encapsulating bondage, and many times have I rode the wave of grooving in that bondage. not often has someone been able to break me through the use of something i normally get off on.

In other words, the mind fuck continued

With the electro bounding my ass, without that safety of the headspace and ability ride the loss of the sense of freedom, my punishment settled in.

When you watch this, keep this in mind. this was most definitely the most intense bondage and helplessness i have ever been in.

Thank you Sir, i will be a better boy for you next time!

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  1. Rubber Jason January 23, 2012 at 6:32 AM #

    This is one of my favorite videos

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